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Published on June 22nd, 2014 | by Marius


10 million dollars for a stamp

The most famous and expensive stamp in the world was sold, marți, 17 June, single lot in the auction organized by Sotheby's London home, la New York, with 9,480 de milioane de dolari (6,9 million). The stamp in question has 29 on 26 mm, is called “British Guiana One-Cent Black on Magenta” and was issued in 1856 la Georgetown, Capitala coloniei britanice Guyana, South America. The stamp was glued local newspaper, edition 4 April 1856.

The stamp was discovered by a child 12 year, Louis Vernon Vaughan, in 1873, but he soon became famous and appreciated. After a short time, but, British collectors have realized that it is a unique and valuable stamp. Through successive sales, increasing prices higher, timbre reach Count von Ferrary collection, philatelist probably the greatest of all time. In 1917, his death, during the war, Earl leaves ZIP Museum collection in Berlin and the French a good withdrawn immediately as the enemy. In 1922, philatelic collection of Count Ferrary is auctioned, part of it and stamp “1856 British Guiana One-Cent Black on Magenta”. It was bought by American collector Arthur Hind and is said, occurred when another copy of the stamp market, bought and burnt remains unique to the one I bought in Paris. In 1980, stamp “1856 British Guiana One-Cent Black on Magenta” was purchased, at auction, nearly a million dollars, de John E. Bridge, heir to a very rich American families, cu eccentric behavior. In 1996, millionaire philatelist and shot a friend and died in prison, in 2010. So was put on sale by Sotheby's stamp has not been seen in public 1987, when it was exhibited in Australia and the U.S.. No one knows who gave the 10 millions of dollars, marți, on 17 June, the licitaţia Sotheby's of New York, but not the first time the anonymous bidding and later this stamp is all.

The most expensive stamps in the world is “1840 Great Britain 1d”, called “Penny Black”, 1868 United States Benjamin Franklin Z-Grill 1c blue, 1847 Mauritius 1d Red Post Office și 1847 Mauritius 2d Blue și, place 2, error “1855 Sweden 3 skilling”, called “The Treskilling Yellow”. Swedish stamp always competed with the stamp of British Guiana for the world record for the most expensive stamp, selling it to 2,3 millions of dollars, in 2010. This second stamp sales price was, one time dat, and in the collection of King Charles II, king of Romania, bought it at an auction and took him, abdication of 1940. Also, know that the king had an agent philatelist and stamp sale “1856 British Guiana”, of Paris, of 1922.

Marius Tita, art market analyst, points out that not all old stamps are extremely valuable, that sold to New York the most expensive in the world and one of those huge prices fueled the legend that can be obtained for old stamps.

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1856 British Guiana One-Cent Black on Magenta

1Three Skilling Yellow

1855 Sweden 3 skilling, after The Treskilling Yellow

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