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Mega BITe-gallery – Constantin Mihalache

May 23rd, 2017 | by Marius

Constantin Mihalache Tel.,,ro, site,,en, Facebook,,en, Constantin Mihalache was born in spring,,ro,After months of work,,de,Pavilion of Art Bucharest - Art Safari takes place,,ro,time,,ro,Between,,ro: 0742 044 008 e-mail: site: Facebook: Constantin Mihalache s-a născut în primăvara anului

GENEZE -pictură de Luminița Gliga și sculptură de Ana Rus

May 23rd, 2017 | by Marius

MUSEUM OF ART "Vasile Grigore,,ro,painter and collector ",,ro,ANNEX GALLERY,,ro,Maria Rosetti No,,ro,Ana RUS,,en,Is born,,ro,la Batin-Unguraş,,ar,Cluj County,,ro,In period,,ro,make university education in Cluj Institute of Fine and Decorative Arts, '' Ion Andreescu '- specialty sculpture with prof,,ro,Virgil Fulicea Mark Egon or knock,,ro,become a member of the Central European Academy of Sciences,,ro,Letters and Arts,,ro,Member of the Hungarian Sculptors Artists,,ro,Member of UNESCO Club in Bucharest and,,ro,Member of U.A.P.din Romania,,ro – pictor și colecționar“ – GALERIA ANEXA 29 Art. Maria Rosetti nr. 29, sector 2,

Emil Ciocoiu își deschide atelierul din Aachen

May 19th, 2017 | by Marius

“Painting workshops opened in Aachen,,ro,o Initiativa BBK Aachen,,de,Between earth and sky,,ro,After months of work Emil Ciocoiu presents a new monumental cycle,,de,Between Earth and Heaven,,de,this weekend,,de,May in his studio,,de,Initiative,,en,Open Aachen artists' studios,,de,BBK-Aachen,,de,After months of work,,en,Emil Ciocoiu presents a new monumental cycle,,en,Between Earth and Sky,,en,May at his Studio,,en,h-18h,,en,Open Painting Studios of Aachen,,en,of BBK-Aachen,,en,After months of work,,fr,Emil Ciocoiu presents a new monumental cycle,,fr” o inițiativă BBK-Aachen EMIL CIOCOIU,,en,Parliament Palace Exhibition Hall,,ro,Brasov opening took place on Thursday,,ro,Romanian painter Marius Tiţa,,ro,Bucharest Marius Maria Bogdana Tiţa Daradici,,ro,Marius Tița..,,en,and presented critic,,ro,Emil Ciocoiu art admirer of Marcel Philipp,,ro,mayor,,ro “Intre pămînt si cer” 20-21 more 2017 11.00 –

Class not Mass Fashion & Design Marke, powered by Molecule F & Palatul Noblesse – Lifestyle Palace

May 16th, 2017 | by Marius

We live different wired into fashion and we never eat alone CLASS NOT MASS,,en,MORE Fashion,,ro,Design Market proudly powered by,,en,MIHAI BARA Exhibition of paintings and graphics,,ro,Multicultural Center of Transylvania University Blvd.,,ro,The opening Brasov,,ro,Starting from the imagination and ability of people to,,ro,Constantin Brâncuşi Exhibition Center will,,ro,Union of Artists of Romania National Exhibition,,ro 20 – 21 MAI Fashion &

Grup de artiști în oglindă – Village Museum

May 15th, 2017 | by Marius

National Village Museum ,,Dimitrie Gusti "Visual Art Museum Galati organizes,,ro,H.H.Stahl”,,en,Kiseleff No.,,ro,Painting exhibition,,ro,drawing and sculpture,,ro,"In the mirror",,ro,The event will take place at the International Museum Day,,ro,Cristian Divan,,zu,Denis Brînzei,,en,Victor Ceban,,ro,The exhibition is open to the public,,ro,Group of artists in the mirror,,ro, Thursday, 18 more, now 18.00, room ,,H.H.Stahl”,

“Somnul și visul” la Salonul Național TEMEIURI

May 1st, 2017 | by Marius

Centrul Cultural H. D. U. Union of Artists of Romania National Exhibition of Fine Arts Edition XII BASES,,ro,sleep and,,ro,Bucharest & nbsp;,,ro,Cotroceni National Museum held a painting exhibition Nature-Man-Universe Emil Ciocoiu Lazarus,,ro “Somnul și

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