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Danube Delta. Strenght trough fragility/Renaissance Art Gallery

August 30th, 2017 | by Marius

Danube Delta. Strenght trough fragility Vali Irina Ciobanu,,en,Janne Tagg Renaissance Art Gallery Hero Iancu Nicolae,,ro,Opening Ilfov,,ro,Marius Tiţa Winter Palace of the Queen Mother Emma a Olandei is in the middle of The Hague and could pass for a superb building,,ro,and Dana Ion Moldoveanu are among the big names,,ro,It is true that the father chic,,ro,Marius Florian Doru Tiţa Crihană is one of the great names of satirical drawings,,ro,although we must define better,,ro,He has this,,ro,Janne Tagg Renaissance,,en,Romanian painter in Andorra,,ro,Marius Tiţa Winter Palace of the Queen Mother Emma Netherlands,,ro & Janne Tagg Renaissance Art Gallery Erou Iancu Nicolae 29, David Center,

Painting Rohia,,ro,Dana Ion Moldoveanu,,ro,Photo report by Mihai Bara,,ro, cu Dana și Ion Moldoveanu. Fotoreportaj de Mihai Bara

August 23rd, 2017 | by Marius

Painting church is a miracle,,ro,done with grace,,ro,diligence and skill of special people,,ro,and Dana Ion Moldoveanu are among the big names such burning and happiness,,ro,Together they met several times higher joy of painting churches and brush their new monastery recognize Crasna,,ro,the Itcani,,es,Nuşeni,,ro,and smite,,sn,Cock or the church "St. Anthony the Great" Titan Bucharest,,ro,the famous monastery Ghighiu and even St. George the New in Bucharest,,ro, înfăptuită cu har, străduință și meșteșug de oameni deosebiți, and Dana Ion Moldoveanu,,ro,Romanian artist Mihai Bara Andorra present their work at the prestigious Gallery,,ro

Panorama Mesdag,en, Hendrik Willem Mesdag

August 20th, 2017 | by Marius

Hendrik Willem Mesdag Dutch painter son of a Dutch banker,,ro,a wise father who encouraged him to painting,,ro,It is true that the father of this art stylish,,ro,But only just,,ro,having inherited a great fortune,,ro,Mesdag was completely dedicated to painting,,ro,He studied in Brussels and The Hague came to paint the sea,,ro,birthdays receives a command to measure his interest in painting marine topic,,ro,It demonstrated substantially before,,ro,It is a panorama,,ro, un tată înțelept care l-a încurajat să facă pictură. This

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