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Paris, je t’aime! desene de Adrian Costea

June 21st,,en,I love you,,fr,drawings by Adrian Costea,,ro,A little while ago I introduced the sculpture,,ro,with more time taking out an album,,ro,"Eternal and fascinating Romania",,ro,who gave the name of a huge political scandal,,ro,Now we present a series of original drawings for the first time,,ro,recently realized,,ro,in a moment of great inspiration,,ro,We can say that his hand goes but,,ro,his hand goes after the long string of memories,,ro,at the beginning of Bucharest,,ro,to the wonders of Israel,,ro,at the discovery of America also in Paris,,ro,eternal love,,ro,And then,,ro,to the whole globe,,ro,and stars of all time,,ro,It mixes these memories with privileged evokes and sarcasm,,ro,The drawing is exceptional,,ro,şarjat,,ca, 2018 | by Marius

Cu puțin timp în urmă i-am prezentat sculptura, cu mai mult timp scotea un album, "Eternal and fascinating Romania",fr, that,

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