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”Între Ceruri și Ape”, de Florian Mihăilescu, la Brăila

August 28th, 2019 | by Marius

Florian Mihăilescu "Between Heaven and Water" & nbsp; Brăilei "Carol I" Museum Traian Square,,ro,Braila Vernisaj,,ro,Why,,de,I seemed to forget this quivering question,,ro,In the face of misery,,ro,we are rather thinking about who is guilty and how to get out of it,,ro,MIHAI BARA Painting Gallery L'ART,,ro,THE REASON,,fr,Bayard Street,,fr,Grenoble,,en,France The opening will take place on Friday,,ro,Terrible child of Romanian stroke,,ro,George Costea enjoys the images he puts on the canvas,,ro,more and more secure,,ro,stronger,,ro,After several prestigious seminars and international creative residencies,,ro,Rarity Kerekes shows us that he is and remains the painter of Sighisoara,,ro,the artist who smiles with everything,,ro 3, Brăila Vernisajul a avut loc sâmbătă,


August 27th, 2019 | by Marius

Emil Ciocoiu, Warum? Why,ro? Parcă uitasem această cutremurătoare întrebare. În fața nenorocirii, ne gândim mai degrabă cine e vinovat

Și a fost Rezidența artistică Tescani!

August 26th, 2019 | by Marius

This year, the art camp from Tescani meant Ilie Boca,,ro,Dionis Puşcuţă,,ro,Liviu Suhar,,ro,Mihai Chiuaru,,ro, Dionis Puşcuţă, Stephen Pelmuş, Dumitru Macovei, Liviu

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