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The second edition of the Salon BD - "Tales from Bucharest Comics"

The second edition of the Salon BD - "Comic Stories from Bucharest”, It brings together a collection of comic dedicated to Bucharest, made over a period of three centuries: XIX century, to date, beginning of XXI century.

The opening will take place on Tuesday, 7 July, now 19:00 Sutu Palace, the Museum Bucharest.

Show BD - "Tales from Bucharest Comics" edition II, will be open from 1 July - 31 august 2015, Sutu Palace, the Museum Bucharest.

Peste 60 Archival images, some exhibited for the first time, take life cymas salon; from classic characters from the imaginary, the amusing events, from political, and topics for the first time in comics Rumanian.


"Legend of Bucur", (author Michael. Grajdeanu) bring such, a new concept in the landscape of contemporary museums in Romania: comics in permanent and temporary exhibitions of museums, abovementioned topic now part of the permanent exhibition of the Museum Bucharest.
The concept of this lounge belongs historian Dr.. Adrian Majuru and comic author Michael. Grajdeanu, Having invited this year as the Comic Strip Museum (Alexandru Ciubotaru) and Toy Museum Association (ing. Cristian Dumitru).


"The city of Bucharest is now seen as a real exam: to what extent can he feed the comic strip, stories that attract!? It is a reference to an age that each of us has, even though I entered the classical ages. This age is somewhere preserved and often, in some situations that take place in all our lives, It relates to things started in the past and who often have continuity.” is. Adrian Majuru, Museum director Bucharest.


"Identity Romanian Comic Strip risks being lost because of a strong current international trading Comics. I have always maintained that we, BD authors from Romania, need to promote, banda prin desenată, Romanian characters and stories . Matter how draw, What about the style you draw!“ Mihai Ionuţ Grăjdeanu.

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