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Albrecht Dürer şi Thomas Emmerling, or Two men in Nuremberg

Thomas Emmerling life testifies that his plan was to work until 50 years and then to deal with his great pleasure, collecting art. Of course, and she likes to travel and take with them their mobile museum that I invented. He took several exhibitions everywhere, through Europe, and lately in Romania. Ca și Dürer, Thomas Emmerling born in Nuremberg. His mother is from Romania, Bistrita, so he comes and sits at home in Romania. And exhibitions here are like anywhere in the world.

An exhibition in Romania with Dürer's engravings that he has in his collection floated, practic, in the air. For some time to come down to earth, I met her in Sighisoara, last summer. Now it opened the gallery walls as bright Lutheran Church, on the street with the same name in the middle of Bucharest. Are presented 34 the fine engravings of Albrecht Dürer made now 5 centuries, including the famous "Adam and Eve", "St. Hieronimus 'or' Knight, Death and the Devil ". Telling passionately, Thomas Emmerling us into the era in which the great German painter was building work and realize that, in October, be fulfilled 500 years since Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the church door at Wittenberg. Discover unrest since the engraving Dürer, topics and in line, in light and shadow, geometries of Dürer's learned in rows of gold Fibonacci. We learn that his wife was selling Dürer engravings her husband in public spaces, It is a precursor of the great ladies of the art business. Multiplying text printing technique has helped him in spreading his ideas on Luther, who created the Lutheran church, its abode in Bucharest Dürer's engravings housing and public display. Marius Tita


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Thomas Emmerling, collector, is. Daniel Zikeli, Auxiliary bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Romania

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