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Andreia Ioana Cismaşiu – Pages from my diary. Unsent letters


Va Invita JOI, 30 October, now 18

exhibition opening



Pages from my diary

LETTERS unsent


Zoltan MAY / Straight Flutes / Artistic leadership

Mária Szabó / Straight Flutes

NOEMI MIKOS / Harpsichord

Mihaela MAXIM / Soprano

Andreia Cismașiu (n,en. 1979, On Tour, Cluj), graduate of the University of Art and Design in Cluj, secția Foto-Video (2003), masterat (2011), maintains its prominent work returning with a second exhibition this year at Cluj.

Till now, participates in numerous solo exhibitions and group, in the country (Cluj, Oradea, On Tour, Piatra Neamt, București, Satu Mare, Covasna) and abroad (Budapest, Debrecen, Hungary, Subotica, Serbia, Paris, Nantes, Franța, London, Great Britain, Boston, YOUR, Buenos Aires, Argentina).

In 2005 Youth gets Bursa Artists Union.

His works are in private collections in Romania, YOUR, Germany, Hungary, Armenia şi Serbia.

Pages from my diary / LETTERS unsent

Pages from my diary / Unsent letters is a personal issue that illustrates, through color, al formelor, grafismelor and signs, Trairi staff; encounter with self, meditation and prayer – also. Acest demers este modalitatea mea personală de a-mi exprima sentimentele aferente fiecărui moment din viața. Open pages from my diary whenever you feel the need to retire within my being.

Unsent letters are letters written by me to me. They are the moments that stand faţăîn face with my inner being, apart from ambient noise or mundane everyday concerns inherent.

It is my way of self-discovery and self-knowledge.

The project Pages from my diary / Unsent letters is a project started in 2012, by participating in the first Biennale Book Art Biennale held in Satu Mare, Book Biennial object followed by New York, 2013, şi of Bienala of Book Object organized in Moscow, în august 2014. All these artistic events being organized by the Union of Artists D.Fleiss East West Artists. Thread My journey within art book, This artist Dorothea Fleiss, which I am deeply grateful.

My project brings together paintings, mixed media (a technique favored by me), book object and objects thumbnails, all these environments transposing the same idea – diary page.

The pages of my journal are born in a daily, weekly or monthly, whenever events from my personal life causes me or invite me to introspection.

Each page, dated and signed, corresponds to a day in my life, in my family. The uniqueness of this book lies precisely in the timeline object of their pages, which is similar to one another and differ, also, days of the year also.

Pages of diary / letters unsent is one of the most beloved of my concerns, in addition to easel painting and decorating wooden objects, to bend me with concern and dedication. (Andreia Cismașiu)

Exhibition Pages from my diary / Unsent letters is an essay about love, morphed into letters, all lovely. Ea le trimite nu numai copiilor care trăiesc şi speră încă în idealurile de lumină şi bucurie din fiecare dintre noi, but also the entire universe. Andreia Cismaşiu sent letters Milky Way, the light rays of the sun, among constellations addresses, among ”Fireworks” The Spirit, by azure heavens landscapes on a Mouth of Heaven. There are also letters from the green leaves to the miracle of life, or letters ”impression”, red long life, blood, Heat. Not missing letters sung Foursquare, Children who go to sleep peacefully, change vis. It is a rich universe, sympathetic understanding and fear, unknown, spiral path to Self, but also to others; Letters of old, chronicles of old, stamped or not, with writings in letters and languages ​​incomprehensible to those who do not know that the art must know the vocabulary of joy, the game ethereal rays of light or harmonious music of all kinds…

Letters are trapped in books and booklets, collage of ”memories”, dear objects in a world of love – for all children, large and small, flight enthusiasts and hope. (Margareta Catrinu)

Exhibition open from

30 oct. – 12 nov. 2014

L-S: 10.00 – 18.00


Recorder is a collection unique in this corner of Europe, who was born in Cluj, year 2000, la iniţiativa lui Zoltan Majo, consisting of three musicians and a soprano, all with a rich artistic experience. Assembly name derives from the Italian name of the family of instruments flute as.

Flauto Dolce ensemble repertoire consists of old music, Traditional Western Europe. Ensemble seeks, in the same way, rediscovering old music, Traditional Romanian space, and interpretation of contemporary compositions, presented some very first audition absolute. For a while no traditional music from other continents lies not far from the band repertoire.

Ansamblului Flauto Dolce foloseşte drept resurse muzicale diferite culegeri şi manuscrise de epocă, integrating oriental influences in his style (Turkish, Hebrew, Gypsy, Armenian, etc.) or other, but drawing equally authentic folk music and old courtyard or town.

Expressiveness and color unique vintage instruments are highlighted by its dedicated compositions and imaginative arrangements. Soprano Mihaela Maxim contribute greatly to the message that all Flauto Dolce special proposes public.

The band successfully performed in concerts and festivals in Romania (Cluj, Bucharest, Brasov, Rasnov, Miercurea Ciuc, Sighisoara, Targu Mures, Oradea, Zalau, St. George, Sibiu, Medias, Craiova, Braila, Timisoara, Deva, Hunedoara, Udvarhely, etc.), and in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain and Hungary. He collaborated with ICR Bucharest, supporting concerts at various Romanian cultural centers in the world. Most recently in Israel (Tel Aviv if Yehiam), fiind the special guests 5th Tel Aviv International Early Music Seminar.

Flauto Dolce Ensemble was the partner of a joint project between Italy, Slovenia and Romania to promote Baroque music from the three countries, integrated in Culture 2007-2013 European Union, and also attended the UNESCO project "Cultural Heritage - a Bridge Towards a Shared Future".

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