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Arch over time, GLIGA Luminiţa painting and Liviu Cihodaru Gallery Labyrinth in Bucharest


Arch over time

GLIGA Luminiţa painting and Liviu Cihodaru

Galeria LABYRINTH, Education Point, Art. Mendeleev nr. (Piața Amzei), București.

The opening took place on Thursday, 4 februarie și a fost susținut de criticul de artă dr. Marius Tita.


It is an arch over distances, both the exhibiting artists in beautiful Brasov, but certainly is an arch over their time, creators, over times already past, which remained memories and many paintings.

Luminita Gliga is one of the most celebrated contemporary painters, his work is characterized by a broad vision, with a subtle chromatic game and a modern touch, absatracte vision area. He is an artist of this, at a time when the peak of his creation figurative and abstract color blends high vibration.

Liviu Cihodaru left us in 2013, the 80 de ani, after a life of passion filed in everything he did. His painting is strong and delicate, with dedication and generosity. The exhibition at Gallery Labyrinth enchants us with its flowers, in pastel colors and vigorous stroke, down without being nervous. It is right and beautiful attention reinstatement of the work completed by Liviu Cihodaru. (Marius Tita)



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Luminita Gliga was born in Brasov and Bucharest National University of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department, where, in 2008, and he obtained a PhD in Fine Arts. Of 2003 He is a member of the artists from Romania. Also, He is a member of AIAP- UNESCO and the Romanian-American Academy of Arts and Sciences (A.R.A.), of 2008. He made over 40 personal exhibitions, in Romania and abroad. He participated in more than 45 group exhibitions and has participated in international festivals and art fairs in the United States (New York City: New Art Center (2012), Amsterdam Whitney Gallery (2011), Broadway Gallery (2010), ICO Gallery (2009), Florida, (2013)), Italy (Ferrara: Museo Estense (2011)), Japan (Tokyo: Metropolitan Art Space Exhibition Gallery (2004)), China (Beijing: NY Arts Beijing Space (2011)), Belgium (Brussels: Gallery Arthis (2010)), England (London: The Brick Lane Gallery (2010)), Switzerland (Zurich: Art Show Zurich (2010)), France (Paris (Galeria Thuillier (2004, 2007), Cannes (International Expoziţia "MCA" (2004 – 2009), Marseille), Russia, Germany and in almost all major cities of Romania. Contained in: International Contemporary Artists, vol.2 (USA); International Dictionary of Artists, vol.1 (USA); SUU Art Magazine (Spain); HUBNERS WHO IS WHO; Contemporary female staff in Romania (Biographical Dictionary; author George Mark); catalog TERRAVISION, collection "contemporary artists" (44); catalog the collection "contemporary artists" (36); catalog the collection "contemporary artists"(27); Lights, Gliga - painter '- C.D. and catalog; catalog “paintings 7”. Distincții (selecție): ARA Award for Art “Ionel Jianu”, American Academy – Romanian of Arts and Sciences; Official Diploma "M.C.A." and Gold Medal, Cannes, France; Silver-Gilt Medal and the Diploma of Academic Society “Arts-Sciences-Lettres”, Paris, France. Works in private collections and institutions: England, Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Irlanda, Italy, Romania, YOUR. Critical references: Cornelius Antim, Victoria Anghelescu, Gh. Achiţei, Gh. Christmas, Paul Cornel Chitic, Razvan Theodorescu, Marius Tita, Gh. Life, Jean Louis in April (Franța), MN Rusu (YOUR), Abraham Lubelski (USA), David Kastner (YOUR).

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LIVIU Cihodaru

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Liviu Cihodaru was born 15 March 1933, Chernivtsi, then in Romania, and died 2013. He graduated from "Andrei Saguna" Braşov 1951 and then everything started in artistic creation, studying Valeriu Maximilian, Stavru Tarasov, Frederic Bömches, Stephen Mironescu, Euthymios Modâlcă, Harald Meschendorfer. In 1957 He graduated from the University "Transilvania" of Brasov and in 1984 He graduated from the Faculty of Planning and Cybernetics. Of 1990 a member of the Artists Union of Romania and member of IAA. (International Association of Art). Solo exhibitions: UTB Exhibition Hall - Brasov (1958, 1964), Art Gallery - Brasov (1980, 1983), Galeries Victoria - Brasov (1985, 1988, 1991, 1992), Gallery Gisbergen - Antwerpen - Belgia (1996), Galeria Ten Weyngaert - Vorst - Belgian (1997), Galeria Cristiana - Nederweert - Olanda (1997), Castelul Charlois - Rotterdam - Olanda (1998), Wells - Olanda (2000), Art Museum - Brasov (2001), Art Museum - Brasov (2003, 2005). Republican Exhibitions: Painting Republican Dalles Bucharest 1984,
1985, 1986), Graphics Republican Dalles Bucharest (1988, 1989), Drawing Biennial Exhibition, Art Gallery – Arad (1988), Moldovans Salon - Museum of Art Galaţi (1991), Drawing Exhibition "Human Body" and Art Gallery Enescu Square Gallery - Brasov (1995). Exhibitions of Romanian contemporary art abroad: 1992 Galeria Old Post - Moll - Belgia, 1992 Galeria Pierement - Moll - Belgia, 1993 Galeria Pim de Rudder - Assenede Belgia, 1993 Galeria Ten Weyngaert-Belgian Vorst,1993 Brussels - Belgium, 1993 Volvovol - People - Belgia,
1995 Centrul Cultural "The Old Rectory" Anvers - Belgia, 1995 Galeria Arcade - Deurle - Belgia, 1997 Europa - People - Belgia, 2005 Travelling exhibition - Franţa.Lucrări in museums and public collections: Brasov Art Museum and St. George, Permanent Gallery newspaper "Brassoy Lapok",
Dental Center Brasov, Romanian Embassy in the Hague - in private collections Olanda.Lucrări: Romania, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, YOUR, Canada. Travel Documentation: France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Canada, YOUR, Russia, China, Israel, Jordan, Cyprus, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Zair, Greece. Invitat Sun East of the reşedinţa artisti "Château du Grand Bouchet", Tours 2005.

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Opening, în imagini fotografice

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Radu Cihodaru, fiul regretatului pictor Liviu Cihodaru, criticul Marius Tița și pictorița expozantă Luminița Gliga

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Dana Gliga, celebrul biolog Ovidiu Bojor și Luminița Gliga


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Radu Cihodaru, Marius Tita

Credit foto: Cristina Tița



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