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Workshop Gheorghe Miron or about art in the smallest details


Marius Tita

When the sails are viewing ordain edges, Gheorghe Miron's studio animates. Princesses, fairies giggle throwing flower petals, autoportretul satir-be sardonic rânjeşte, forest rustling of every leaf and flowers, flowers bloom. The magic that happens breaks the brush like a magic wand wielded by a hirsute mag, prying eyes of endless sea. Profane spectator goes enchanted pictorial space as close as if wanting to enter through this gate vibrant colors, dynamic, they seem to move sparking images.

Gheorghe Miron is always and forever Galati. There returned after studies devoted teachers and masters his fate, fine arts, painting and drawing it it in the smallest details. Art is not a mirror of the worlds existing formal-visible because each consisting of the painter is a metaphor, The poem, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes tenderness, may be a worship, or summon, a promise.

It's the studio of George Miron, Galati, to look forward exposures and any view of his art.

2 3 4 5 6 Omagiu


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15 pacatul pacatului

Sin Sin

14 octombrie


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20 Un gand

A thought

21.1 Domnul invatator

The teacher

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Friends visit: Rodica Costianu, gălăţeancă in Switzerland and Chinese painter Fu Site, came directly from Paris where, the 3 days after returning from Romania, witnessed the consecration of the Grand Palais cymas

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33 De ce nu 34

This naked?


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