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Autumnal, adjective, BMR Painting Galleries

afis BMR

Call Old, Autumn

Marius Tita

A group exhibition, where to collect thoughts, feelings and sensibilities of the most complex and different, is a very complicated business. And that is what the organizer, as a conductor got on the podium in front of the orchestra, gives momentum, intensity, height and reverberation of the artistic achievements.

The story is complicated when participants are artists in full fervor, building their full artistic conception that discloses the public. And the common element is the fall, then are thrown into the most intense colors crazy scene, boldest proposals, accents the visible.

Autumn is the time when painters should be denied access to workshops, be thrown in parks and forests, sent to gather nectar from the peerless nature colors. There, single, irepetabil, incredible, land is, flowers and skies of the spring colors. The nature, miracle of God, are all color vibrations, all light, All the sun and all the shadows that define being capable of creative.

Tot acolo, the most beautiful nature, se link, childish and educates receptors, public, admirers, Lovers, friends, and even buyers, those who are expected to enjoy art and exhibition Autumnal, adjective The BMR Galleries, old this fall, Bucharest.


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10382728_10152449421406169_3396857667805869185_n Vali Ciobanu Gutui pârguite Raluca Șerban - Toamnă diafana Mihaela Dobre Florile-s calde Lavinia Ahmadi Flori de toamnă Ionuț Vișan Stă să plouă Constantin Daradici  Casă bătrânească în Muscel.1

Anne Tognaq Toamna în primăvara vieții.1 Alexandra Zachi Inceput de toamna in gradina

Carmen Văideanu Dimineață de toamnă în Bream.1 Carmen Văideanu Prune.1

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