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“Bandit” Tata Santa was spotted at the Gaudeamus

“Tata Moșu”, the comic novel by Mihai Ionut Grajdeanu, after a text by Adrian Majuru, It was presented at the Gaudeamus Book Fair, where editor, Museum Bucharest, He participated for the first time with its own stand. “Tata Mosu – interwar story”, after his full name, It was released earlier this year by the publishing sour Museum of Bucharest and has 120 which page is shown, the narrative drawings made by young Michael. Grajdeanu, the story of a bandit in Bucharest's interwar times.

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If this tale character, I was surprised that at the time, in his lifetime – when it was closed for longer prison Văcăreşti – was the subject of sociological research and forensic besides they studied in an anthropological manner as may be serious people coming from the university; that a simple man caused so much interest in the spectacular manner of all accumulated behind or somehow otherwise live… when I tried to get closer to this character who lived in reality, 20s in Bucharest. He was active until the coming of communism then i lose track and saw that there is a singular way that is not in deeds and destiny of other offenders, to speak, common law, that he was, dar a știut, consciously, on which landing is, often pushed by a social framework that did not help a lot when he was a teenager, or early youth. "Dr.. Adrian Majuru


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"Before reading the script the graphic novel" Daddy Santa "like I imagined this story, I imagined a pickpocket trying to find all sorts of ingenious ways, all kinds of tricks to steal from people. But, reading stories and knowing him better, I think he is a thief principles. Although at first he is an antihero. Commonly, thieves are caught comic heroes. But our character goes through a journey, trying to get somewhere. He helps his family even if by theft, and often caught and punished, trying to find peace of mind, goes through a series of adventures, through two major wars at a time, even save some lives. I think of an anti-hero, Santa Tata becomes the hero of this story!”, He believes Mihai. I. Grajdeanu.


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Art critic and filmmaker Tiţa BD Mihai Marius Ionut Grajdeanu

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