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Bogdan Verses, great painter,ro

Marius Tita

Bogdan Stihi was a force of nature and painting. Watching him at his easel or exhibitions thinking that will never die and his painting will never be forgotten. Unfortunately, Both these thoughts became reality impossible.

Bogdan Stihi painter was born on 16 October of the year 1929, Bender in Bessarabia, town on the Nistru river where the endless East. He studied painting in Bucharest, the famous painter Adam Bălţatu, which few remember that was also teacher. Bogdan Stihi was imposed in the first moments and was appreciated. How ends faculty receives scholarship “Storck”, paint and draw, exhibit and participate in international salons. Receives prestigious awards around the world for painting and engraving and book illustration. He left us on Christmas Eve in 2009, year when rounding 80 de ani.

Bogdan Stihi wrote a beautiful page in the history of Romanian painting, a creation in the best tradition of easel interwar, deep professional, safe expression, master gestures and options. The artist approached the whole range of topics, the portrait and nude, landscape and still life. It has strong compositions with characters, around a table that crowns a time to live and work or a mood such as the need for communication and sharing. Its people are real and profound, It is found in a painting with all of their solar. Rarely laugh in its sails, there is much concern and enthusiasm is short and Choose carefully. It is a serious artist who copies it on imposing, smiling in color and light. He painted a lot and intensively and went to the times when forgetting comes next second. it is unfair, of course, but repetition makes us get used to it. Occasionally, museums and galleries, auctions and making us remember the great Romanian painter, his name Bogdan Stihi, and we enjoy his creation.


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portrait of wife, Elena Verses

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Lae Chioru

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house fisherman

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July 2012 – the first retrospective exhibition after his death, his latest exhibition

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Mihnea Tie> and, exhibition of Bogdan Stihi 2012

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