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contemporary sculpture
Opening: Wednesday, 1 March, now 17
No Baiculesti Street. 29, Bucharest, sector 1

Probabil că există mai multe lucruri care îi apropie pe cei trei artiști: Bogdan Birch, Mirza and John Constantin Medrea. One would be, cu siguranță, generation of which three belong: one that touches, let, artistic maturity. Another would be, probably, the direct relationship between them, that they are close in education, in ideas, in tastes. Probable, but, that what makes the three artists to form a group well enough rennet, and who was and determined to expose together, Their love for form. The three artists are tied to how they isolated, in the space that animates, in their works, forms of characters (most often) that seem to explode paper, Made of wood, of glass or metal, of amorphous materials, knead by what the creators came up to fulfillment of certain contours, beautiful, clear, generous. Artists give these forms to thrive by onlookers, with, ever, as the starting point, human body. Forms that are re-building, în fapt, various forms of bodies, not necessarily harmonious - as people are neither uniform nor, not perfect - but, ever, expressive, in every detail, every stroke, Each volume. The three artists bring, fact, a tribute to the human body, whether it is in fragments that seem baroque ornaments, whether it schematizează in lines reminiscent of a century ago expressionism. All these forms are merely to embody a movement that has a chance to mark a new direction in fine arts from Romania, for, sooner or later, someone had to return to the beauty of the human body, the origin of the gaze in the mirror. This exhibition can be huge stake, because this show could mark exactly this new direction of art in Romania and will depend, largely, viewers, those who are the recipients of art, extent that we can talk, over many years not, about the artist's return to form human body, the naturalness of art, lost in the last century abstract geometrical. Bogdan Birch, John Constantine Mirza and Medrea are artists who have a chance, Now, to return to our eyes in another direction. Their art will continue on the path that they have dared to try it. It will depend on us to go with them or not, a journey that would bring us closer to our being mysterious, unacknowledged, unutterable, hidden, being our own being.

Virgil Ștefan NIȚULESCU

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