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Special auction house GOLDART Ghildush - Monday 7 July

Casa de licitaţii GOLDART Ghildush

Antique Clocks. Romanian Vanguard: graphics, painting, map

Monday, 7 July, now 19:00,
Gallery GoldArt Ghildush

Bidding on Goldart House proposes three sections.

First refers to a graphical offer consistent, documents and books vanguard, sculpture and painting, mostly from the collection or collections Medi Dinu large auction houses certified in Israel.

The part of the doua auction is devoted to a collection of pocket watches, rare pieces from the early twentieth century, Some of them gold.

The third section includes graphic works, signed by some of the most talented painters of the early twentieth century.

goldart 3
HEDDA STERNE (1910-2011) – Medi Dinu: Appraisal 850-1000 EUR
terracotta colored, paper presents the chip on the side (T.A.P.) Size – h = 24 cm

goldart 5
MARCEL IANCU (1895-1984) – Acre: Appraisal 3300-3500 EUR
White metal collage on black metal plate, Original Fit, black board signed lower right by zgrafitare. The paper is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by the auction house Hammers, Tel-Aviv (T.A.P.) Size – 50 x 33 cm

goldart 8
MARCEL IANCU (1895-1984) Abstract composition : Appraisal 4300-4500 EUR
oil / wood, signed lower right, iar pe to numerotat nr. 3. The work derives from Rosenfeld Gallery - Israel with certificate of authenticity issued by the auction house Hammers, Tel-Aviv (T.A.P.) Size – 35 x 50 cm

goldart 4
Switzerland, Pocket Watch: Appraisal 1000-1200 EUR
two gold caps 585 ‰, previous one sniper, Gravat decor ore şi Negru romane of email, email fretted dial indicator, at secondary 6, manual arming mechanism in protected with a metal cap engraved with inscription HERRM SCHULTZE / NACF / guild, scoring punch title and Warranty, numerotat 118878/7, cca. 1880-1933 D = 5 cm

goldart 6
Switzerland, Longines pocket watch frac: Appraisal 850-900 EUR
slim gold frame 14 to, punch marked title, company logo and numbered 2802939, cadran metalic champagne cu ore romane, indicatoare Breguet, at secondary 6, semnat CRONBERG FILS, mechanism in manual arming signed LONGINES, numerotat 2802939, cca. 1912-1913 D = 4,5 cm

goldart 7
Switzerland, Ceasar also Skeleton in pocket: Appraisal 2500-2700 EUR
Two 14k gold caps, cadran email romane cu ore, indicator fretted gold, at secondary 6, functional with manual winding mechanism employed in frame with calendar email. Both lids with applied silver monogram marked with punches title and Warranty, numbered 140195, cca. 1880-1933 D = 4,5 cm

goldart 2
LEON ALEXANDRU BIJU (1880-1970) Nude lying: Appraisal 300-400 EUR
pressed charcoal / paper, signed and dated (1)957 dreapta jos (T.A.P.) Size – 23,5 x 44,5 cm


goldart 9


Gallery works can be viewed online, on, la Gallery GoldArt Ghildush, In. I. The. Caragiale nr. 1, sector 2, București, following schedule:

Wednesday 2 July - Friday 4 July, between the hours 09:00-17:00
Monday, 7 July, between the hours 09:00-19:00

goldart 1

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