Reflecții, o nouă expoziție CCERPA

Published on January 23rd, 2020 | by Marius

Romanian-Pan Arab Cultural Center and U Art Gallery,,ro,Bucharest REFLECTIONS painting and sculpture exhibition Petru Asimionese Mihai Caranica,,ro,Ștefan Câliunea Foundation initiates a project to analyze and document the work of the artist Ștefan Câliunea,,ro,and launches one,,ro,"PERSON" artistic photography by LUCIAN ENE CALEA VICTORIEI,,ro,BUCHAREST Painting,,ro,Eugen Cojocaru,,ro,Writer,,ro, București REFLECȚII expoziție de pictură și sculptură Petru Asimionese Mihai Caranica Gheorghe Coman Mircea Corcodel Paula Craioveanu Vladimir Ivanovici Paul Mecet Doina Moss Nadia Negru Ana Rusu ... Read More


”Lupta l”, pictură cu însemne de Aurel Petrescu

Published on December 19th, 2019 | by Marius

Cercul Militar Naţional București Galeria Artelor ”Lupta l” Expoziție de pictură Aurel Petrescu 2 – 21 December 2019 Vernisajul a avut loc pe 2 December 2019 and it was presented by Dr.,ro. Marius Tita, critic de ... Read More


Winter salon for religious and restorative plasticists,,ro,December 16th,,en

Published on December 16th, 2019 | by Marius

The Winter Salon of the Religious Plastic Arts and Restoration Branch,,ro,A.F.A.P.R.R.,,en,a UAPR,,xh,Bucharest VERNISAJ,,ro,is one of the most important painters,,ro,and especially paintings,,ro,from Romania to the present,,ro,It's good to know that in case,,ro,Gheorghe Boțan Vlad Gheo Boțan painting Athénée Palace Hilton Bucharest painting,,ro,& Nbsp; Gheorghe Boțan Vlad,,ro,ENGLISH painting ELIZA MATICA Qreator by IQOS Victoriei Square,,ro,Aviators 8A Varnish,,ro,Marius Tița & nbsp; Oromolu villa a,,ro (A.F.A.P.R.R.) a UAPR 19 December 2019 – 8 January 2020 Gallery Orizont, București VERNISAJ: Thursday 19 December 2019, now 18 Presents Dr.. Marius Tita, critic ... Read More


SHAPE of DREAMS,,en,Lidia Mărgelu and Dan Nica,,ro,at the "Art" gallery in Craiova,,ro, Lidia Mărgelu și Dan Nica, la galeria ”Arta” din Craiova

Published on December 11th, 2019 | by Marius

SHAPE OF DREAMS LIDIA MĂRGELU,,ro,DAN NICA painting,,ro,ceramic "Art" Gallery in Craiova Curator,,ro,Magda Buce Răduț Vernisaj,,ro,Lidia Mărgelu Born in Craiova,,ro,graduate of the Academy of Art in,,ro / DAN NICA pictură / ceramică Galeria ”Arta” din Craiova Curator: Magda Buce Răduț Vernisaj: Monday, 16 December, now 18 Lidia Mărgelu Născută la Craiova, absolventă a Academiei de Artă din ... Read More


Salon Medieval de București

Published on September 25th, 2019 | by Marius

The National Salon of Medieval Art XII edition,,ro,ARCUB The Gabroveni Lipscani Inn,,ro,Bucharest Curator,,ro,Marin Răducu Vernisajul a,,ro 19 September – 1 October 2019 ARCUB Hanul Gabroveni Lipscani 84-90, București Curator: Marin Răducu Vernisajul took place on Thursday,,ro,with angels,,ro,zodiacal and fugitive compositions of time,,ro,can be visited in the Sabion Galleries,,ro,"Between skies and waters" Graphic considerations on the seen world and,,ro,more emotional,,ro,At the Constantin Brâncuși hall of the Parliament Palace,,ro,has started,,ro,the artist who smiles with all his soul and puts on the canvas the most beautiful Transylvanian chromatic harmonies,,ro,Vasile Crăiţă Mândră,,ro,Bogdan Teodorescu,,ro,Pablo Rodriguez,,es,with a painting exhibition at,,ro,painting synthesis by Maria Parascan,,ro,artist with exhibitions at the Romanian Athenaeum,,ro,symposium,,ro,by current and international name,,ro,Sculptors' working meetings,,ro, 19 September, și a fost susținut de Marius ... Read More


”Între Ceruri și Ape”, de Florian Mihăilescu, la Brăila

Published on August 28th, 2019 | by Marius

Florian Mihăilescu "Between Heaven and Water" & nbsp; Brăilei "Carol I" Museum Traian Square,,ro,Braila Vernisaj,,ro,Why,,de,I seemed to forget this quivering question,,ro,In the face of misery,,ro,we are rather thinking about who is guilty and how to get out of it,,ro,MIHAI BARA Painting Gallery L'ART,,ro,THE REASON,,fr,Bayard Street,,fr,Grenoble,,en,France The opening will take place on Friday,,ro,Terrible child of Romanian stroke,,ro,George Costea enjoys the images he puts on the canvas,,ro,more and more secure,,ro,stronger,,ro,After several prestigious seminars and international creative residencies,,ro,Rarity Kerekes shows us that he is and remains the painter of Sighisoara,,ro,the artist who smiles with everything,,ro 3, Brăila Vernisajul a avut loc sâmbătă, 7 September 2019. Florian Mihăilescu – „Între ceruri și ape” Considerații grafice asupra lumii văzute și ... Read More

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