YES,,en,Babel Tower by Mihai Bara,,ro,Mihai BARA,,ro,Tower of Babel,,ro,x130cm,,en,The Tower of Babel is a notion that fascinates not only philosophers or theologians,,ro,Image artists insistently look for senses and resonances on this scale to heaven that annihilate the chains of gravity and place us in a different perspective,,ro,all the limitations disappear with the Newtonian earth connection,,ro,everything turns into wonderful freedoms,,ro,especially spiritual,,ro,which does not turn into isolation or hatred,,ro,The Babel Tower is total freedom,,ro,no one is between men and above them,,ro,All that we see in this infinite series of video monitors is the purest reality of mankind,,ro! Prețul trădării, de Mihai Bara

Published on April 22nd, 2019 | by Marius

Mihai Bara, Prețul trădării, 150x100cm Alegerea acestei picturi de Mihai Bara este determinată de faptul că ne aflăm în Săptămâna Patimilor. Also, am ales o lucrare de Mihai Bara, pictorul brașovean din Andorra, pentru a ... Read More



Published on March 28th, 2019 | by Marius

Marius Tiţă Yes,,ro,there is passion for the hand drawn drawing,,ro,in the street or on the street,,ro,AFTER THE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE Painting Alina Manole,,ro,& Nbsp; Elite Prof Art Cotroceni Str,,ro, există pasiunea pentru desenul iuțit de mână, there, sub cerul liber, în stradă sau pe uliță, cu modelul în față, looked down from above,,ro,after complicated escape lines,,ro,and admiration,,ro, după linii complicate de fugă, și cu admirația ... Read More


Logo-ul DjerbaDREAM, realizat de artistul algerian Abdelhafid Kadri

Published on October 3rd, 2018 | by Marius

Painter, illustrator, caligraf și fotograf, algerianul Abdelhafid Kadri este un artist vizual complex, with a clever observation and artistic imagination,,ro,His creation is diverse,,ro,starts from the beauty of Arabic writing and reaches the sun ray that comforters portraits and characters,,ro,On the paper,,ro,on the skin,,ro,on the wall,,ro,Abdelhafid Kadri elevates kites from colored calligraphy and divides color spaces,,ro,in heaven and on earth,,ro,Algerian artist Abdelhafid Kadri is the one who imagined and realized,,ro,in a highly professional manner,,ro,logo-ul,,ru,the graphic image that the wrong logo called,,ro,of the DjerbaDREAM event,,ro,who brought over,,ro,by artists around the world in the town of Er Riadh in the heart of the Tunisian island of Djerba,,ro,In the colors of Djerba,,ro. Creația sa este diversă, starts from the beauty of the Arabic writings and reaches the ray,,ro,the island,,ro,with so many experiences in the world,,ro ... Read More


Dar Ennour de Djerba,ar

Published on October 2nd, 2018 | by Marius

That huge room,,ro,with two levels and small windows,,ro,is in the middle of the "fortress" Dar Ennour,,ro,house type,,ro,menzel,,en,in the middle of Er Riadh,,ro,in its turn, in the middle of the earthquake called Djerba,,ro,the Tunisian island of the Mediterranean,,ro,Here I felt,,ro,in the middle of the world and in the center of the Universe,,ro,I mean, normal,,ro,without pressure but only with positive energies,,ro,Dar Ennour,,ar, cu două niveluri și cu geamuri mici, se află în mijlocul ”cetății” Dar Ennour, casa tip menzel din mijlocul localității Er Riadh, la rândul ei în mijlocul petecului de pământ numit Djerba, insula ... Read More


Nicolae Sava, underworld and ruby,ro

Published on September 23rd, 2018 | by Marius

Nicholas Sava is an institution in itself,,ro,With so many hours of work and dreaming on the scaffolding or a,,ro. Cu atâtea ore de muncă și visare pe schelele pictării sau a restaurării picturii la biserici și mănăstiri, cu atâtea geruri și înfrigurări, cu atâtea trăiri în lumea ... Read More


Atelier Rodica Toth Poiată

Published on September 6th, 2018 | by Marius

Pictorița Rodica Toth Poiată s-a născut la Brașov, la munte, a făcut facultatea de arte plastice la Timișoara, knows Delta in the depth of her beauty and she currently lives and paints in Bucharest,,ro,Painting high allegories of,,ro. Pictează alegorii înalte ale ... Read More


True Stories from the Kings Valley in Gurghiu,,ro,at the International Art Symposium at the Lapusna Hunting Lodge,,ro,& Nbsp; Opening Castle,,ro,Evi Kirmakidou Presents Emmanuel Mavrommatis,,ro, la Simpozionul Internațional de Artă de la Castelul de Vânătoare de la Lăpușna

Published on September 5th, 2018 | by Marius

So it all started! Emmanuel Mavrommatis Robin Chuter Nicu Baltaru Lucian Bichigean Vernisaj la Castel,,co,Evi Kirmakidou Presents Emmanuel,,ro – Evi Kirmakidou Prezintă Emmanuel Mavrommatis, Emeritus Professor,,ro,curator from Greece,,ro,Burhan Ahmeti,,tr,curator from Macedonia,,ro,Ion Carchelan,,en,plastic artist from the Republic of Moldova,,ro,Anastasia Tarasenko,,en,Violetta Mishchenko,,ru,plastic artists from Ukraine,,ro,Farrukh Negmat Zade,,uz,artist plastic din Tajikistan,,en,Mabrouka Chargui Brinsi,,ar,Aysha Debbish,,en,plastic artists from Tunisia,,ro,Dominika J,,en,Rostocka,,de,architect and designer from Poland,,ro,Along with them,,ro,from Romania participates,,ro,Maria Gliga,,ro,Carmen Olteanu,,ro,Mugur Popa,,ro,Lucian Bichigean,,co,artist plastic și,,en,Nicu Baltaru,,ro,The artistic activities of the symposium will be attended and invited to surprise,,ro,craftsmen from the Gurghiului Valley area,,ro,Symposium schedule,,ro,open to the public of all ages,,ro,painting exhibitions at the Royal Hunting Lodge in Lapusna,,ro,Petru Maior,,ro,and the Ethnographic Museum,,ro,Anton Badea,,ro,Reghin,,ro, critic, history of art, Marilena Iepan, Emmanuel Mavrommatis, Evi Kirmakidou, ... Read More


Artist's portrait,,fr,July 19th,,en,Houda Ajili Graduate in Fine Art from the Tunisian Institute of Fine Arts in Tunis,,fr,Houda AJILI is an artist,,fr – Houda Ajili

Published on July 19th, 2018 | by Marius

Houda Ajili Diplômée en Art plastiques de l’Institut supérieur des beaux-arts de Tunis en 2004, Houda Ajili is a Tunisian painter of the new generation having combined professional experience with specialized studies,,fr,Houda Ajili receives from the Tunisian Ministry of Culture a scholarship allowing him an artistic stay of one year at the,,fr. En 2007, Houda,ar ... Read More


Paris, je t’aime! desene de Adrian Costea

Published on June 21st,,en,I love you,,fr,drawings by Adrian Costea,,ro,A little while ago I introduced the sculpture,,ro,with more time taking out an album,,ro,"Eternal and fascinating Romania",,ro,who gave the name of a huge political scandal,,ro,Now we present a series of original drawings for the first time,,ro,recently realized,,ro,in a moment of great inspiration,,ro,We can say that his hand goes but,,ro,his hand goes after the long string of memories,,ro,at the beginning of Bucharest,,ro,to the wonders of Israel,,ro,at the discovery of America also in Paris,,ro,eternal love,,ro,And then,,ro,to the whole globe,,ro,and stars of all time,,ro,It mixes these memories with privileged evokes and sarcasm,,ro,The drawing is exceptional,,ro,şarjat,,ca, 2018 | by Marius

Cu puțin timp în urmă i-am prezentat sculptura, cu mai mult timp scotea un album, "Eternal and fascinating Romania",fr, that, în traducere românească, dădea numele unui imens scandal politic. Now we are presenting a series of premieres,,ro,Alma Redlinger had the fifth of the seven exhibitions organized at the Simeza Gallery to make,,ro ... Read More

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