Artist's portrait,,fr,July 19th,,en,Houda Ajili Graduate in Fine Art from the Tunisian Institute of Fine Arts in Tunis,,fr,Houda AJILI is an artist,,fr – Houda Ajili

Published on July 19th, 2018 | by Marius

Houda Ajili Diplômée en Art plastiques de l’Institut supérieur des beaux-arts de Tunis en 2004, Houda Ajili is a Tunisian painter of the new generation having combined professional experience with specialized studies,,fr,Houda Ajili receives from the Tunisian Ministry of Culture a scholarship allowing him an artistic stay of one year at the,,fr. En 2007, Houda,ar ... Read More


Paris, je t’aime! desene de Adrian Costea

Published on June 21st,,en,I love you,,fr,drawings by Adrian Costea,,ro,A little while ago I introduced the sculpture,,ro,with more time taking out an album,,ro,"Eternal and fascinating Romania",,ro,who gave the name of a huge political scandal,,ro,Now we present a series of original drawings for the first time,,ro,recently realized,,ro,in a moment of great inspiration,,ro,We can say that his hand goes but,,ro,his hand goes after the long string of memories,,ro,at the beginning of Bucharest,,ro,to the wonders of Israel,,ro,at the discovery of America also in Paris,,ro,eternal love,,ro,And then,,ro,to the whole globe,,ro,and stars of all time,,ro,It mixes these memories with privileged evokes and sarcasm,,ro,The drawing is exceptional,,ro,şarjat,,ca, 2018 | by Marius

Cu puțin timp în urmă i-am prezentat sculptura, cu mai mult timp scotea un album, "Eternal and fascinating Romania",fr, that, în traducere românească, dădea numele unui imens scandal politic. Now we are presenting a series of premieres,,ro,Alma Redlinger had the fifth of the seven exhibitions organized at the Simeza Gallery to make,,ro ... Read More


Impressions and feelings collector,ro

Published on February 12th, 2018 | by Marius

After a long time,,ro,there is a book confession art collector,,ro,It is a unique moment that such books are not first lived but intense anyway,,ro,burning on the altar of fine arts,,ro,And there are many such books because no real collectors are not many,,ro,sincere and beautiful narrative talent courage to start this enterprise had Maria Pârvuţoiu,,ro,known collector,,ro,elegant and discreet presence at big events plastics,,ro,We all know that spouses have made Marieta Constantin Pârvuţoiu,,ro,in their entire family life,,ro,a beautiful collection of fine art,,ro, apare o carte cu mărturisirea unui colecționar de artă. Este un moment unic pentru că astfel de cărți sunt întâi trăite și nu oricum ci intens, cu ardere pe altarul artei plastice. ... Read More


in college,,ro,Ion Irimescu painted church,,ro,Michelangelo was a sculptor, but is known more for his painting of the Sistine Chapel,,ro,This reminds me,,ro,keeping all proportions,,ro,that our famous sculptor Ion Irimescu painted church,,ro,And that he was,,ro,yet,,ro,student,,en,Young painter Alexandros Pintilii Karciucas of Fălticeni,,ro,who had a chance to get to know the longtime artist and I sent the Church of Oprişeşti pictures painted by here,,ro,Ion Irimescu,,ro,here his eternal sleep not only sculptor and his wife,,ro,Eugenia,,en,but parents and brother,,ro,Oprişeni church building can be placed between,,ro, sculptorul Ion Irimescu a pictat o biserică

Published on November 18th, 2017 | by Marius

Michelangelo era sculptor dar este cunoscut mai mult pentru pictura sa din Capela Sixtină. Asta îmi aduce aminte, păstrând toate proporțiile, că și renumitul nostru sculptor Ion Irimescu a pictat o biserică. Și asta când era, ... Read More


Liviu-Adrian SANDU sculptor,,ro,portrait working actor Marcel Hârjoghe,,ro,in the following,,ro,photos we can see aspects of the portrait while working actor Marcel Hârjoghe,,ro,Are the steps I went through the effort to understand facial bone structure on which we had to build the ultimate expression,,ro,I thought,,ro,in order to get to play as expressive,,ro,presence,,ro,the hypostasized,,ro,mandatory passage,,ro,by molding,,ro,by at least three ages of actor,,ro,since the teenage years and reaching full maturity age,,ro, lucrând portretul actorului Marcel Hârjoghe

Published on October 10th, 2017 | by Marius

Ioana Hârjoghe Ciubucciu Art is an opportunity to keep being good and living in a relationship and you're off,,ro,both,,ro,Bucharest exhibition,,ro,DISTANT MEMORIES Exhibition of paintings and drawings by Oana Unciuleanu Gallery Elite,,ro,Ioana Hârjoghe Ciubucciu Art is an opportunity to keep that,,ro, în egală măsură, de durerea pierderii. Although I knew and admired mode,ro ... Read More


Painting Rohia,,ro,Dana Ion Moldoveanu,,ro,Photo report by Mihai Bara,,ro, cu Dana și Ion Moldoveanu. Fotoreportaj de Mihai Bara

Published on August 23rd, 2017 | by Marius

Painting church is a miracle,,ro,done with grace,,ro,diligence and skill of special people,,ro,and Dana Ion Moldoveanu are among the big names such burning and happiness,,ro,Together they met several times higher joy of painting churches and brush their new monastery recognize Crasna,,ro,the Itcani,,es,Nuşeni,,ro,and smite,,sn,Cock or the church "St. Anthony the Great" Titan Bucharest,,ro,the famous monastery Ghighiu and even St. George the New in Bucharest,,ro, înfăptuită cu har, străduință și meșteșug de oameni deosebiți, iar Dana și Ion Moldoveanu fac parte dintre numele mari ale acestei arderi și fericiri. Împreună au cunoscut de mai multe ... Read More

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