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“Colecţionarul of aims” Marian Simon is seen in the Council Tower of Sibiu

Invitatie Colectionarul de vise

Și în acest an, in the middle of August, Marian Simon awaits us in Turn, the legendary Tower of Hall of Sibiu, to tell us his dreams, to talk about reality, on top of reality and even beyond reality, All through the magic of his art.

The exhibition "The Collector of Dreams" takes place in 1 until August 15 September, three floors of the tower hidden in Sibiu. Și, we all know, not the first time, Marian Simon has exhibited every year, in Tower Hall, about "Being" and "beingness".

Marian Simon's exhibition "The Collector of Dreams" will take place Saturday, 13 august, of prayer 11, and it will be supported by the art critic Dr.. Marius Tita. The opening date has nothing to do with the 13. After, may have!?

"Colecţionarul of aims", exhibition of Marian Simon, Council Tower of Sibiu, 1 august – 15 September 2016, opening: Saturday, 13 august, now 11, Marius presents Tiţa.


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