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Cornelius Dragan-Targoviste – painter, acuarelist

3 March 1956, București

studii libere de pictura și desen (cu sculptorul Iorgos Iliopolos)
1981 – Institute of Construction – Department of Buildings, București.
1988 – achieved scenography and play sets “Strung up Margarita” Victor Eftimiu, staged theater of the Medical College Hospital Dealu, played on the stage of the House of Culture in Targoviste.
1981 – 1991, published satirical graphics and advertising in newspapers and magazines weather: “Nettle”, “Albina”, “Flame Rebus”, cartoon for children “Dauntless Magazine”.
1990 - Give up the profession of engineer dedicating himself to painting.
1990 – founding member of the newspaper “City Voices” din Târgoviște, initially dealing with the graphic paper.
1991 – 2002, has a close collaboration with art galleries in France and Germany.

Member International Society of Watercolor in Birmingham.

International Member Birmingham Watercolour Society.


International Exhibition of Watercolor:

2014 – Biennale Internationale d'Aquarelle, Belgium.
2013 – Hanbury Hall and Gardens & Birmingham Watercolour Society – Droitwich, Great Britanie.Membru Watercolor Society International from Birmingham.
2013 – Granary Art Gallery & Birmingham Watercolour Society – Weston Park, Great Britain.
2013 – International Exhibition of Watercolor from Aiguillon, Franța. Prize.
2013 – Oriental Pearl Tower – Shanghai, China.
2013 – CWI Children’s Palace Shanghai – Shanghai – China.
2012 – Quanhua Watercolour Art Gallery – Shanghai Zhujiajiao Internaţional Watercolour Biennial – Shanghai, China.

Solo exhibitions:

2014 – “Decupaje citadine”, Muzeul Judetean Olt – ARTIS Gallery, Slatina (with Vitaly Butescu).
2014 – “Pete color”, Muzeul judet Argeş – Naive Art Gallery, Pitești (with Vitaly Butescu).
2014 – “Watercolor Landscapes”, Center for Culture and Art “George Topîrceanu”, Curtea de Arges.
2014 – “Watercolor”, ARTA Gallery, Campulung Muscel.
2014 – “Pete color”, room “Constantin Brâncuși”, The houses of parliament, București (with Vitaly Butescu).
2013 – “Souvenir watercolor”, Elite Art Gallery, București.
2013 – “Undulations in watercolor”, Gallery “Art for Spirit”, București.
2013 – “Targoviste of My Heart”, Dâmboviţa Art Museum, Târgoviște.
2013 – “Watercolor townhouse”, Gallery Imbold, București.
2013 – ” Mărțișor”, Elite Art Gallery, București.
2012 – “București, my love”, Union International Center, București.
2012 – “Harmonies in watercolor”, Gallery U-ART - Uzinexport, București.
2012, 2011, 2010 și 2009 – Gallery 19 – Hanul cu Tei, București.
2012, 2011 și 2009 – ANA Gallery, București.
2012, 2011 și 2009 – Gallery “Art for Spirit”, București.
2010 – Gallery Foaier, National Military, București.
2010 – Gallery GoldArt, Hotel Athenee Palace Hilton, București.
2006 – Gallery Hanul cu Tei etaj – Ilie Dumitrescu – București.
2006 – Gallery Orizont M, București.
1990 – Tel Aviv, Israel.
1987, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992 House of Culture in Targoviste, Toni Bulandra Theater in Targoviste.
1974, 1975 Bookstore Sadoveanu – București.

expo personale dragan 1expo personale dragan 2expo personale dragan 3expo personale dragan 4

Collective Exhibition:

2014 – “ProBoholţ” – Museum of Fagaras 'Valer letter', in Fagaras Fortress.
2014 – “Portrait painting from private collections Romanian”, Cotroceni National Museum, București.
2014 – Gallery U-ART - Uzinexport, “Balchik, mirage light”, Contemporaries project, București.
2013 – Gallery U-ART - Uzinexport, ” Glimpses of world”, București.
2013 – Gallery U-ART - Uzinexport, “Contemporary Landscapes”, București.
2013 – “Romanian Painters in Sozopol”, Museum Bucharest – Sutu Palace and antibook Store, București.
2013 – “Marine”, Galeria Elite Prof Art și Hotel Pullman – Word Trade Center, Conference Centre, București.
2013 – “Woman in Romanian Art”, Elite Prof Art Gallery, București.
2013 – “Painters today in Balchik”, Elite Art Gallery, București.
2013 – “Romanian House painting from private collections”, Museum Bucharest – Suţu Palace and Art Collectors Society Romania, București.
2013 – “Painters today in Balchik”, Balchik Palace National Cultural Centre – Royal living room, Elite Castle Queen Mary and Art Gallery, Balchik, Bulgaria.
2013 – “FroniusArt”, Arta Gallery Contemporană “Blacksmith Tower”, Sighișoara.
2012, 2011 – “Souvenir Winter”, Elite Art Gallery, București.
2012 – “Graphics Romanian painting”, Cotroceni National Museum- Collectors Society of Art of Romania, București.
2012, 2011 – “Suvenir Bucureşti”, Elite Art Gallery, București.
2012 – International exhibition of creative Camp -“Innocent Ioan Micu Klein” Sixteenth Edition, Museum of Contemporary Art and Sacred – Blaj.
2012 – “Balchik, arch over time”, Elite Cotroceni National Museum and Art Gallery, București.
2012 – “Painters today in Balchik”, edition 2012 , Project 5 + 1, Elite Art Gallery, București.
2012 – “Thoughts, aims, imagery”, Gift Gallery - Casino Sinaia, Sinaia (with Carmen Văideanu and Ammar Alnahhas.
2012 – “From Bucharest to Balchik”, Elite Art Gallery, București.
2012 – Camp exhibition creation “FroniusArt”, Sighișoara.
2011 - International exhibition of creative Camp “Innocent Ioan Micu Klein” – XV to a Editi, History Museum “Augustin Bunea”, Blaj.
2011 – “9 Romanian artists with exhibitions in France”, Gallery U-ART - Uzinexport, București.
2011 – “Dialog cromatic”, Elite Art Gallery, București.
2010 – “Winter in Romanian painting”, Museum Bucharest – Suţu Palace and Art Collectors Society Romania, București.
2010 – Municipal Salon of medieval art – Edition I, Gallery Old Court – Palatul Voievodal, București.
2010 – Gallery Artelor – National Military – Division Naval Română, Navy Day.
1985, 1986 House of Culture in Targoviste.
1977 – National Theatre Bucharest “Ion Luca Caragiale” – București.
1975 – Arts and Culture Festival – București.
1973, 1975 – Bookstore Sadoveanu, București.

expo colective dragan 5expo colective dragan 2expo colective dragan 6expo colective dragan 1expo colective dragan 3

Collective Exhibition of Satirical Graphic:

1989 – Canada.
1987, 1988, 1989 – “Aydin Dogan Vakfi” și “Nastratin Hogea” – Turkey.
1987, 1988 – Braila, Costinești.
1986 – Bistrița.

Church painting:

2010 – Royal icons on the iconostasis of the Church “Sf. Parascheva” Parish Raciu, village Lucieni, Dâmbovița.
2007 – Royal icons on the iconostasis of the Church “Sf. Nicholas” Parish Bratesti, Dâmbovița.
2003 – Parish Church steeple painted Viişoara, Dâmbovița.
2003 – paint the whole iconostasis of the Church “Sf. Arhangheli Mihail si Gavril ” din Parohia Oşorhei, Bihar.
2002 – Royal icons of the iconostasis and votive portrait of Reverend Dr. Niphon, Archbishop of Targoviste, Church “Sf. Arhangheli Mihail si Gavril” Parish Doiceşti, Dâmbovița.
icoana dragan 1icoana dragan 2

Study trips and art camps:

2014 – Boholţ, Fagaras – The camp edition III.
2014 – Istanbul personal journey of study
2013 – Balchik – creative workshop – Fundaţia Contemporanii.
2013, 2012 – Balchik – creative workshop “Painters today in Balchik” – Elite Art Gallery.
2013 – Sighisoara – The camp in the project FroniusArt .
2012 - Sozopol, Bulgaria – creative workshop, Dorin project in UP.
2012 – Blaj – International Camp Creative “Innocent Ioan Micu Klein” – in a Sixteenth Editi.
2012 – Thassos, Greece - personal journey of study.
2012 – Balchik – creative workshop of the Project 5+1, Elite Art Gallery.
2012 – Sighisoara – The camp in the project FroniusArt .
2012 Croatia and Italy - the personal travel survey.
2011 – Balcic're safe, Bulgaria, – personal journey of study.
2011 – Blaj – International Camp Creative “Innocent Ioan Micu Klein” – XV to a Editi.
2009 Franta şi Sleeping – Romanian painters workshop in Catalonia – Pirineii the Eastern Collioure, Elne, Ceret și Figueras.
2007 Germany – Würzburg Si Frankfurt am Main,personal study trip.

Works in private collections and state :

Romania, Israel, Franța, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Russian Federation, United States, Elveția, Czech, Belgium, Holland, Brazil, Mexico, China, Great Britain.

Gallery of watercolor


Gallery of paintings


Graphics Gallery
grafica Corneliu Dragan Targoviste 38

Note critice:

“Although time is short and quickly spread color on paper, Watercolor is not easy. Dimpo trivă, is working with trimmings, requires skill, talent and sincerity. This is not going to change of mind or hidden zişuri. It is worth a moment and take a long and intense feelings. Diffuse colors penetrate moist paper as in fresh plaster, ready to clasp her fragile fiber image colored waters. Yet, acuareliştii real people are happy, and not tortured. And they is Cornelius Dragan-Targoviste, creator who traveled techniques and images of the various. Lately confesses all forms dedication to its values ​​of a delicate power of cuarelei. Privileged, I saw how it works, in transă, senses throttle,with a sharp observation on the subject and technique determinants perfect, a lui, built on the extent of the artist, time, materials. It is a true dance of total creation, more plastic miracle ritual. Balchik watercolor Cornelius Dragan-Targoviste is very special and so are the things that surround us, workshop or clipped corners of nature, Grassroots or mosaic color tubes and brushes creative. The proximity of this great artist sent me to analyze global, snatching me from passeisme Romanian plastic moment, and I discovered a wonderful world, whose herald to us is the painter Cornelius Dragan-Targoviste. Nothing is impossible for creation and water colors, detail, he is not no stranger,effects are special, unlike any size easels or there is a problem. And our painter fits perfectly and naturally in the rush hour and high rate of watercolor. I was amazed, only impressed by the news of his election to the select group of those exposed to the prestigious International Watercolor Biennial in Zhujiajiao, a the true Venice of Shanghai and China. Being the only Romanian in this election with few European countries and with major powers in watercolor, Cornelius DRAGNEA-Targoviste exhibit "Street in Bucharest" at the Art Gallery of Shanghai.Dealtfel Quanhua, very little time was admitted as a member of the prestigious International Society of Watercolor ( Birmingham Watercolour Society ) UK. I knew it was our best aquarellist, Now is appreciated and International players who know how to do and how to love watercolor.” ( Marius Tiţa, art critic )

“It is enough to look at the work; read, among light waves of his work, urges you to dream; to figure, on white paper, spill splash became song, memory, to. Understand, world that gives life is a glimpse of his soul: beautifully designed and majestic eye disclosed. Transparent mantles – Woven dawn of day, transfiguration of the rebirth of living drops. It depicts a cityscape, o marină, a Venice and invites us on a journey through the world of color flowers. Watercolor technique involves spontaneity and gesture safety. Under the influence of emotion, a single living moment, water colors and paper can give rise to a masterpiece. For Cornelius Dragan Targoviste everything is simple. Besides, simplicity and naturalness is what defines opera. And the way, and attitude in life.” ( Veronica Marinescu, art critic )

“Continually seeking to obtain their own experiments chromatic tones unprecedented or rare, inspiring image of city by implementing frequent and highly suggestive of human presence, but excelling and on still life and portrait, Cornelius Dragan-Targoviste ambition to (re)watercolor that require independent work. In this approach, He starts from the observation that many contemporary artists, be they painters or sculptors, watercolor appeals to only an intermediate stage of completion of a final, to be or a painting on canvas, or a wood carving, stone, metal etc. For this reason, watercolor treated, unfairly, as a creation-tool, about second hand, who rarely gets to be framed and displayed on cymas. That is the situation in our, because in other places water color painting enjoys prestige and interest among art lovers all outstanding. In such areas turned his attention Cornelius newest Dragan-Targoviste.” ( Cornelius Ostahie, writer, art critic )


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