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Craiova, my love!

afis.Craiova mon amour

Craiova, my love

painting exhibition

Aurel Petrescu

National Military Club in Bucharest

Round Room

The exhibition took place on Monday, 1 February, and presented by renowned art critic, native of Craiova, is. Marius Tita.


For hundreds of years, Craiova, painters put wings Archangel Gabriel, redden hellfire and beard whitened St. Nicholas, St. George and repairs sharpened spear Noah's ark, with a patch on the bottom humor. So writes "painter" Marin Todos document found only in 1831. Craiova has a long history of painters who loved them and they have responded with their high vibration. Aurel Petrescu is one of the painters and Craiova, like them, makes portrait, Cough lava pours its colors, brush caressed shapes like a baton. It ZORESTI passionate moods and his smile surprise, and melancholy air, history and stories, homes and people. And he feels worthy of a Simeze, painter Aurel Petrescu says green front: "Craiova, my love!”.

For hundreds of years, Craiova, painting renew sky, Add two stars and cleans month.

Marius Tita



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