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Creative arts camp – "Măldăreşti plein-air"

Mirela Hagiu


"It was a camp with special people, from what you see and you want to get reunited. Personal, I exploited even bad weather, Horezu discovering a gem of a church that I could not leave for a "next time". Măldăreştiul is impressive, springs adorned with icons, the famous vesicles, orchards and farms, which is not only beauty, but history. I hope to return to this place full of wonders. " (Mirela Hagiu)


Marinela Mantescu


"Coming first to Măldăreşti, I found a load unimaginable in this area, one designed to determine the artist to think more deeply plastic composition. Therefore, Every artist, shoulder an area of ​​interpretation, closest to the style or soul. People were wonderful, and enjoyable discussions, cu numeroase schimburi de păreri şi de poveşti.” (Marinela Mantescu)


Ioana Mihăiescu

"For me, Camp was a moment of introspection that I tried to rediscover. Măldăreşti designated a memorable experience, a moment of relaxation and inner retrieval, particularly valuable for the life of an architect who spends most of his time to the drawing board. As expected, product these days-a concretizat in a collection palpable diverse emotional states, full both de istorie, as şi de poveşti.” (Ioana Mihcomplicatediescu)


Adriana Oancea

"I always wanted to see ticulates Măldăreşti, şi de aceea am fost cucerită încă din prima clipă, their monumental beauty and atmosphere of this area full of history. Being a lover of nature and autumn with ca favorite season, for me camp was an opportunity to paint a bucolic atmosphere and try to translate into my work, even a small part of the charm of this place. " (Adriana Oancea )


Angela Tomaselli


During camp, am avut respite leisurely to see the beauty of the interiors and Duca collected Greceanu, two amazingly beautiful buildings and picturesque, to admire the frescoes that you made paintera Olga Greceanu and legends inspired to quit their. Then, I found myself in the middle of a very agreeable company, a group of people very serious and concerned about job, fact care ne-a permis un schimb interesant de impresii.” (Angela Tomaselli )


Andreea Ionaşcu

Andreea-Ionascu+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-116Andreea-Ionascu+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-121 Andreea-Ionascu+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-122

Ammar Alnahhas


"I really enjoyed Măldăreşti, s history and atmospherea. Here, next to other artists, m-I felt really good and I made some pictures of my style quite different artistic, since these parts impresionante, I was inspired to paintof aşa cum nu aş fi reuşit într-un alt loc.“ (Ammar Alnahhas )

Ammar-Alnahhas+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-61 Ammar-Alnahhas+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-64 Ammar-Alnahhas+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-65 Ammar-Alnahhas+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-66 Ammar-Alnahhas+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-67 Ammar-Alnahhas+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-68 Ammar-Alnahhas+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-69Ammar-Alnahhas+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-70

Cornelius Dragan-Targoviste


"I discovered at this camp so Măldăreşti, and Horezu. Then, I integrated into the dialogue of artists, playing the emotion and atmosphere of this place, Where do you find at every step something to convince you that deserve to be noticed, studied and played plastic. The locals were hospitable, joviali, and that, I tried to capture the characteristics of the brush, It is this warmth. " (Cornelius Dragan-Targoviste)

Corneliu-Dragan-Targoviste+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-72Corneliu-Dragan-Targoviste+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-73Corneliu-Dragan-Targoviste+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-74 Corneliu-Dragan-Targoviste+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-77Corneliu-Dragan-Targoviste+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-78Corneliu-Dragan-Targoviste+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-79Corneliu-Dragan-Targoviste+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-80Corneliu-Dragan-Targoviste+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-81Corneliu-Dragan-Targoviste+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-82

Lawrence Midvichi


"I was glad that I had the opportunity to paint the town Măldăreşti, I knew where to find two vesicles, but I expected to find and instead of around them. Church – monument istoric din 1790 – I drew so much, with the entire landscape tomnatic. Then camp was a prijlej to know new artists, de a stabili contacte şi de a vedea şi alte tehnici de lucru.” (Lawrence Midvichi )

Laurentiu-Midvichi+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-84Laurentiu-Midvichi+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-88Laurentiu-Midvichi+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-89Apus la MaldarestiCasa parasita din MaldarestiGospodarie din MaldarestiPeisaj din MaldarestiBiserica Sf Nicolae din Maldaresti

Michael Şerbănescu


"In the number on the fingers of one hand, places where I happened to go reluctantly, and one of them was Maldareştiul. There are a series of reasons that I was charmed but beyond the pleasure, I was encouraged and thought plastic. It's mainly vesicles, especially their architectural details, that arise only after being seen for a while. (Michael Şerbănescu )


Petti Velici


"Camp just ended was a theme that not can be stated words, only felt. Place value has strongly marked the artists, and this condition was unforced more than welcome. Workcomplicatedcountries they wouldternut in a deeply subjective, as we worked separately and following our own vision we realysate color dialogue, of topics and compositeiilor.” (Petti Velici )

Petti-Velici+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-107 Petti-Velici+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-109 Petti-Velici+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-112 Petti-Velici+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-113 Petti-Velici+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-114 Petti-Velici+-Maldaresti-plein-air-2014-115

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