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How did the "Soleil de l'Est»?

Novembre 2010 - L'ouverture de l'exposition au Parlement de Roumanie, par Michel Gavaza

Michel Gavaza, Soleil Eastern

Immediately after the events of December 1989 și, further, in 1990, the euphoria of "grandiose" revolution, French, with surprise, have realized the existence of other countries in Eastern Europe, not only the USSR. Debusolați, they knew where to take us, Why do we have links with the West, with culture and, especially, whether we have a culture and where we have. Less few leading intellectuals, who knew well about cultural ties, spiritual, historical, language, between France and Romania, and other eastern countries, even if francophone, the vast majority of "the ordinary" had no real and concrete information about the countries of Eastern Europe. Despre polonezi Stia is the "Polish plumber" şi Alta expresie "drunk as a Polish", Budapest and Bucharest was mistaken about the population believed that we are all only workers and peasants hoe in hand, that work in collective, and culture, what is that ? from where ? A first settler of things have brought journalists who were in Bucharest in those days of the end of December and is addressed in French common man, sidewalk, and he not only understood what I said and answered a journalist but in the language of Molière. Amazing, even for journalists! Evident, French media information about the countries of Eastern, during the Cold War, were very small and specific guided directions, just like us on the West, during the 45 years of communism.

Juin 2008 - Aurel Nedel sur le champ de fleurs bleus

Aurel Nedel, 2008

In the second half of December 1989, own initiative and with the City of Tours, I organized an exhibition at the gallery «Maurice Mathurin» (gallery that Francis knew from Bartok, artist decedat, unfortunately, premature, in 1987, who also had a personal there), expoziţie Intitulata "Icons and monasteries in Romania". Showcase a series of photographs of monasteries in Bucovina, with details on exterior mural painting, with leaflets made personal, and some icons on wood and glass. The exhibition coincided with the fall of the dictatorship in our country, and visitors believed that the exhibition is related specifically to this event. Certainly not, According to the usual, exhibition was planned a year ahead. Also when the exhibition (November being the radio always open) came hundreds and hundreds of people asking us about the East and especially about our country, faith, culture, history, language and our traditions. Congratulate ourselves that we are a nation glorious. Parc whole, I could not believe. From all accounts, subsequent course of events proved otherwise. Also in that period, Hall has called some of Romanians settled in Tours, to recommend a city in Romania to send aid, some 20 various freight wagons, courtesy gathered citizens and institutions. Following our recommendation, Brasov was twinned with Tours. The goods arrived in Brasov, where they lost, due to scammers.

On the occasion of this exhibition and contact with the public, My wife and I have realized that, if there was a Franco-Romanian cultural organization, would be possible to present more cultural aspects of Romania and, why not, and other countries in Eastern. So, French may have more knowledge about our country. At that time we had no concept of what is an NGO, a non-profit association. And the Romanian embassy and cultural center in Paris was still very hard to close. Next we studied the documentation for creating an association, Subscriptions and conditions imposed Prefecture. So, family members, with a handful of enthusiastic French and Franco-Romanian, knowledge of the culture of the countries of Eastern Europe, we decided to create an NGO in order to present in France and, then, EU, part of the culture of these countries, priority in Romania, and especially visual arts. The visual arts ? Because we, my wife and me, I was already on this path by which we had knowledge in the field, by the fact that in Romania, years 75 – 85 cobbled together a collection of works by Baba, Musceleanu, Piliuță, Peace, Cilievici, Nedel, Brădean, Bandac, Bartok (quenched in France at the age of 50 year, as shown above). On all these great painters I have known personally and we have seen them several times in the workshop. And folk art we have been known since childhood. This was the motivation and purpose of the newly created association. We went on a road reasonably familiar. The document was the most important statutes and design a protocol by which the founders decided to create association. I had to find a name appropriated. We all decided to baptize "Soleil de l'Est" which means culture rays coming from Eastern European continent and propagated throughout the West! Symbolically and realistically for many of the great men of culture, painters, musicians, writers, din sec XlX și XX, which had an important word and contribute to the development of European culture and world, from countries in Eastern Europe, the Russians, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian, etc..

Avril 2002 - Rencontre avec Maria et Dan Hatmanu à Paris Juin 2006 - Expo des époux Nicodim, Collioure,  en partenariat avec Soleil de l'Est

Since at that time we were very caught up in work, association declaration to the Prefecture of Tours took place in March 1994. So, legally, all papers in order, including IRS statement and bank account, I continued with the spiritual motivation and perseverance to organize various cultural events.

Once 20 years of, Soleil Eastern, asset is its organization of more than 90 exhibitions in France, Romania, Belgium şi Olanda, a Edit 11 books, din care prestigioasele Două volume "Attendance of the Romanian contemporary art in France with Sun of the East" has şi Invitat the reşedinţele of Paintings, şi pe Valea Loarei the Collioure, în Midi, a number of 108 prestigious artists painters from Romania, Russia, Poland, and nationals of these countries established in France, Germany, Belgium, Suedia și USA.

Our audience permanent, in more than 600 people, by visiting numerous exhibitions that we organized in the 20 year, is aware of what is happening in Romanian culture and that of other countries in Eastern, mainly on contemporary painting line. Another unique aspect that I recently resumed is the exhibition of pottery and icons from Romania who brought cymas, through good communication performed, a number of individuals, Romania who were recently or even 90 years before, and all expressed their great satisfaction to be known hospitable country and our people. What have they seen in our exhibition was an addition to what they have seen in the country during their stay in Romania. In this way,, Soleil de l'Est bring a positive valence Romania's prestige in France.

In acestf as, association Soleil de l'Est participate extent of its forces, create greater Europe Cultural tomorrow, strong and united, of the Atlantic the Urali.

01. Septembre 2003 - Nicolae Iorga à BarceloneAvril 2001 - Kader Bekov, Mariana Gavaza, Ion Salisteanu et Leontie Gorbunov au Centre Pompidou - La chemisse roumaine 25. Mai 2004 - Atelier Brâncusi, Teodor Vescu et Corneliu Ionescu, ParisAvril 2010 - Robert Köteles, Cristian Sida et Calin Beloescu, à l'arrivée en gare de Briare

Avril 2008 - Dalia Bialcovski, atelier Briare Avril 2009 - Suzana Fantanariu, atelier Briare

Avril 2012 - Andreea Foanene et Filip Petcu, atelier Briare Avril 2012 - Gabriela Culic, atelier Briare Juillet 2006 - Michel Gavaza et Ion Nicodim, à l'atelier du maître, Pangratti, Bucarest Juillet 2007 - Font-Romeu, Mariana Gavaza, Marilena Preda-Sânc et Suzana Fântânariu

Juin 2006 - Radu Daranga, atelier Briare Mai 2005 - Stefan Pelmus, atelier Briare

Juillet - 2012 - Mihail Gavril, atelier Briare

Mihail Gavril, Briare, 2012

Juin 2012 - Iruna Irimescu et Rodica Costianu auprès des vestiges féodaux du château de Sully-sur-LoireMai 2005 - Waldemar Mattis-Teutsch, Liviu Cihodaru et Gabriel Stan à Parisjuin 2006 - Ion Nicodim et Michel Gavaza, et Adam et Eve

Ion Nicodim şi Michel Gavaza, Adam and Eve, 2006

Mai 2011 - Mariuca Otetelesanu, atelier Briare Septembre 2001 - Valentin Tanase dans son atelier La Pardalera, Elne

Măriuca Otetelesanu, Briare, 2011 Valentin Tanase, The Pardalera, Elne, 2001

Septembre 2002 - Calin, Mariana, Sorin, Ana-Ruxandra et Michel à Barcelone

Barcelona, 2002

Mai 2009 -  Romul Nutiu, atelier Briare Septembre 2008 - Stefan Pelmus, Teodor Vescu et Petre Velicu, avec leurs oeuvres, résidence d'artistes, villa Clair-Logis,

Romanian painters abroad, Camp at home, la Bran, in Scheii Brasov and Bucharest Apollo Gallery

Août 2007 - Exposition galerie Apollo, Bucarest, Emil Ciocoiu avec ses oeuvres

Emil Ciocoiu, Germany

Août 2007 - Exposition galerie Apollo, Bucarest, Tudor Banus et ses oeuvres

Tudor Banuș, Franța

Août 2007 - Brasov Schei, la première école en langue roumaine

Août 2007 - Les artistes roumains disidents, participants à l'atelier de création Bran - visite du Bastion des Tisserands,Août 2009 - Les artistes disidents à Bran


Michel Gavaza şi Marius Tita, Paris, 2014

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