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Drawing&Sculptură, Museum maps Bucharest


Small sculptures has a certain monumentality and can get anywhere near us and with us, Important councils in major halls, desk or worktable, in our homes and apartments. Sculpture brings vibrancy matter of who is born. Yet, sculpture does not appear too often around us, we do not have the courage to accept with us. Therefore, a beauty such as carving open and in full swing at the National Museum of Maps and Old Books is an artistic and social event, the ones that we do not get too often. First it comes to contributing special selection of the best sculptors of the generations that have confirmed or those that require the durability. Second, Museum spaces maps provide an ideal setting for a sculpture exhibition that transmit thoughts, messages and feelings, crafted and Labour, generous in everything transmit its existence. At the same time, They are exhibited drawings by sculptors, creation of independent out-of-touch, hands usual modeling.

Drawing&sculpture, National Museum of Maps and Old Books, București, Art. Londra nr. 39. Up to 23 July 2016. The opening took place on Thursday, 23 June 2016.

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Marius Tita, Ovidiu Dumitru


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Claudiu bag


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Doru Drăgușin,ja

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Mircea Roman, Marian Zidaru


Bogdan Birch

Alexandru Căzănaru

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