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Published on July 1st, 2015 | by Marius


From ambient art world – o nouă licitație Goldart

Monday, 6 July, now 19:00
Galeria GOLDART Ghildus


Licitaţia No.. 148 Goldart House proposes numerous painting objects, graphics, sculpture, metal, glass and ceramics - all having in common the capacity to beautify the environment where they are located.
So, Chapter Decorative Art, besides parts with functional role - pieces of cutlery and dining, Ashtrays, tabachere, candlesticks, lamps, Vase, etc.. - Worked in many different techniques, achiziţioante may be purely ornamental objects as small chinezarii intended for display in the window, ornamental gate, rococo frame, or even an elegant statuette Chinese, depicting the god of longevity.
Contemporary art is present through figurative works, agreeable, suitable to adorn everyday space: landscapes by Jacob Lazarus, Cristina Vasiliu, Dinu Săvescu, still life of Nicolae Blei, Magda Isăcescu and portraits Ioana Dinu atom or Săvescu.

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GEORGE hunter, Ulcica roşie RUDOLF SCHWEITZER-Cumpana, Home vaulted living

3 4

ION MUSCELEANU, Townscape Pili CONSTANTIN, Spring in the village

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LEON ALEXANDRU BIJU, Still life with roses SPIRU Vergulescu, Old Inn in Tulcea

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LILI PANCU, Turkish woman with red şalvari Corneliu Baba, Portrait of Mrs. (Sion) Grappa

Topics as attractive encountered in work or drawers Aurel Nedel, Joseph Rosenblat, Cecilia Storck Cuţescu, Titus Alexandrescu, Magdalena Rădulescu, Aunt Peltzer, etc..
Established genres of painting are illustrated by matching works adorn ambient: Lucia landscapes Ioanid, Iosif Steurer, Sprouts Vergulescu, Ion Musceleanu, Constantin Piliuță, Rudolf Schweitzer Cumpăna; portraits of Louis signed Bassarab, Maria Ciurdea Steurer, Apostol Mănciulescu, George Tomaziu, Corneliu Baba; still lifes by Serban Zainea, Constantin Blendea, Leon Al. Biju, George Vânătoru, etc..
It is characterized by their intrinsic value "Spring in the Village", a landscape in vivid tones, the use of white houses and vegetation on the surfaces of living green - for art's defining characteristics Constantin Piliuţă; "Red Jug" by George Vânătoru, the strong accents of pure red and yellow citron are applied in a cold chromatic context, green and blue and its specific dialogues vibrant palette.
Recall and "Portrait of Mrs. Sion Grappa" by Corneliu Baba, the artist expresses deep moral philosophy; psychological complexity of the character revealing his inner life, character defining features, cast at the intensity and quality of red color in the composition.

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