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Dumitru Radu, sculpture & graphics – Gallery SIMEZA

27 September- 10 October 2014

Art Gallery Simeza Bucharest is home to the 10 October 2014 personal exhibition sculptor Dumitru Radu. The Art Gallery sculptor Simeza binds several other personal events, stages of a long process of mental and structural analysis focused on a range of reasons for bringing under the same dome various paths feelings gives the viewer insight.
The resulting imaginary sculptural forms in an area of ​​ludic fantasy-but that beyond appearances often filiform has a significant load even though untold overtly religious, Dumitru Radu is proving to be a scientist whose attention is directed to the proper conjunction of idea, shape and material. Thought creator seems to materialize before our eyes in ways that the viewer's imagination can continue and conclude it considers it appropriate in precious and hard material, bright and shining bronze.

Each sculpture is a result of a personal language, testified as part of a functional. Artist, result of God's creation is given the ability to perform works of art, to interpret the ideas of the great Book of Genesis. The idea that music is closest to the divine grace and that grace was that it inspired the artist to turn provoke the viewer uplifting thoughts and feelings are not new ideas but sculptor Dumitru Radu found inspired ways to make them solidify and charm in an aesthetically and conceptually organized all of which are part, occupying significant positions, perpetual motion and eternal music.
Thus, work entitled Muse, Interpret, Portable and Quintet to be understood as part of a complex result of thinking reveals profound conceptual coherence.
Graphic works exhibited sculptures -alături art gallery space Simeza, even if you stand alone- are important, facilitating the viewer understand the artist's vision Dumitru Radu. ( Roxana Pasculescu, art critic – Radio Romania Cultural Editor )


Photos: Valeriu Dragan

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