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Emil Ciocoiu Cotroceni. Nature – The Man – The universe


Nature – The Man – The universe

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Cotroceni National Museum

April – June 2016

Vernisajul va avea loc joi, 21 April, of prayer 18.

Presents art critic Marius Tiţa, author of several studies on Emil Ciocoiu's painting.

Emil Ciocoiu was born in 13 September 1948, la Șasa, near Miami. father, painter Alexander Ciocoiu, collaborated with Costin Petrescu at the frescoes at the Athenaeum. In 1974 He graduated painting at the Academy of Art ” Nicolae Grigorescu” Bucharest, George Saru in the class and in 1980 It was established in Germany. He had numerous solo exhibitions and participation in group exhibitions and art events around the world. In 1996 cymas has returned from Romania with a large solo exhibition at the National Museum of Art of Romania. In 2008, the anniversary, performed three solo exhibitions in Romania, la București, Cluj-Napoca and Craiova. This year, conducted a tour de force, a complex show held in Aachen where, Symphony Orchestra during the concert Aachen, were projected images of the 6 Large canvases of painter made in the suite Ma Vlast (Patria mea) B. Cream, and in early April was inaugurated the exhibition in Caprese Michelangelo, Michelangiolesco Museum. Two monographic volumes dedicated painter, „Emil Ciocoiu”, (Nicholas Micic, Ghirlandina editions, Modena, 2003) și „Emil Ciocoiu. Emil Ciocoiu's universe and cosmos of us " (Marius Tita, București, 2008) despre care se putea discuta până în prezent, recently released album are added to the exhibition in Italy, conducted by Andrea Baffoni and one that will be launched at Cotroceni, written by Marius Tiţa.


13.07_CIRES IN FLOARE.13.Cires in floare (2) 1

Cherry tree in bloom Canal


trilogy spring – March, April, May

69.Amphitheater der Liebe.69.Amfiteatrul iubirii (2) amfiteatrul sperantei

Amphitheater Amphitheater love hope


Marcel Philipp, Mayor of Aachen, here with Emil Ciocoiu and its emblematic painting Carolus Magnus, It is expected to attend the opening of the National Museum Cotroceni.


Album Emil Ciocoiu.Natura-Man Universe, Marius Tiţa, which will be launched at the opening.

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