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Eugen Raportoru or beyond color painting

Cristina Tița

It's like when you look directly at the sun and tighten your eyes as a narrow slit through which you see the world. But this is not enough. You can decide to take pictures. And how photography has become one of the most popular arts, take pictures backlit after rain, Following in the clouds can reflect everything, It has become a common temptation.

Dar cum ar fi să pictezi așa. landscapes, flowers, people, everything and shown to be seen beyond the light, in bright shades of black and gray endless, with vibrant colored sheen, unexpected and welcome.

Eugen Raportoru își pictează lumea așa cum o vede. Full force, shadows and pure darkness. The landscapes are clear, with full details of movement and poetry. Slanting twilight shade or sun transforms colors into them that only memories of every cloth breakthrough. Dreamy landscapes, gather in a city made up of houses known unknown, old blind walls lit as in neighbors, a piece of Sozopol which sounds great, some of Venice drawn dreamily, the boat floating channel, where I left my bike yellow, houses and terraces where people Ahead, corners of Paris, to remember that we miss, graceful churches and palaces, placed on the streets that we can walk anytime.

Expoziția de pictură deschisă de Eugen Raportoru la sala Constantin Brâncuși este de fapt o invitație la o călătorie prin lumea lui. A true artist gathers us in a projection of his imagination, atrăgându-ne în locuri neștiute pe care le admirăm de parcă le-am cunoaște de-o viață. It's like the deepest darkness and oblivion would become, for a moment, our world.

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Cristina Tița, Marina Roman

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Marius Tita, Cristina Tița, Eugen Raportoru, Lisandru Neamţu

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Gabriela Culic

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Photo: Marius Tita

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