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Event editorial: Catalin Davidescu, ARTitudini. education / interpretation / reviews / reviews / interviews / 1981-2013


Marius Tita

Overall, I do not like books that collect articles published in periodicals, in certain times. I am a follower of timeliness, although not throw any paper until you are browsing to see whats. And this can happen to good days of occurrence, the information is already detailed and in other media. Volume Catalin Davidescu, but, I unreservedly captured. Are many reasons, maybe I am old, şi of iau from uşor, maybe the times are not as fast, and have time and permanent. Or maybe the volume itself is designed not to be indebted the time of appearance. Instead, curge perfect logic, and chronology can help. And there is the writing Catalin Davidescu, testimony that put evocation, Careful observation and disclosure decent, surfaced, that put his portraits.

In many places, I recognize the subjectivity belonging to the memories, of the most beautiful times, cultural space Craiova, particularly in the plastic. When I saw the first exhibition Craiova and got lost, like a child lost in the thesaurus, the phenomenal Art Museum there, Early casa Mihail. There I went eagerly Popular School of Art courses, the Domn Profesorul Gabriel Bratu, there I had my first exhibition, Caricature, could not be serious, Eleventh grade, room next Buzeştiul professionals where they teach all 12 class. Maybe I should still write something about the author and his book, ARTitudini. education / interpretation / reviews / reviews / interviews / 1981-2013 but witness superpersonal comes to emphasis on writing Catalin Davidescu clad in said volume. For now we can understand why sorb words about the cartoonist and the man of great talent and spirit Gabriel Bratu, which I revealed, the radio, at rush hour, to all my friends, artists, I have not given up but I always tasted and cymas, or Victor Pârlac, Eustatiu Gregorian şi George Vlăescu, the same time the duty to learn what art, Elijah legendary Marineanu, eccentric Michael Trifan, exoticul Mircea Novac, late Sorin Novac, Silviu young năbădăioşii BARSANU, Norian Paicu, Daniel Răguşitu, Grigorian Rusu, the left to be respected and appreciated in America, honored with an exhibition of his donation to the Museum of Art forthe.

Cătălin Davidescu si Marius Tița

Marius Tita, Wisdom of the Earth and Catalin Davidescu or Three Oltenia West

It is false to believe that the volume Catalin Davidescu is a kind of diary with friends. This, the book, more artistic life Oltenia, people and events, is a long history of arts beyond Olt, the evocation and remove from oblivion that no one has made or may make. To read about Juliet Orăşanu, about Maria Fratostiţeanu-Billek, about C. S. Nicolăescu-Plopşor and I. D. Sarbu. And about babies in Craiova Corneliu Baba and Ion Ţuculescu, the Davidescu is specialist.

And there are rumors and stories, and even interviews, about contemporary Romanian art or chapters, people who have passed and work remaining, more than three decades of art chronicles have already seen the light of day, especially Branches, Craiova culture magazine, and in Art, Romania free, Mosaic oltean și el, after, even novel.

Cătălin Davidescu

Cătălin Davidescu c

e Cătălin Davidescu


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