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Annual exhibition of fine art and religious restoration – ediţia 2016


Annual exhibition of fine art and religious restoration – ediţia 2016

24 April – 8 more

National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti”

The exhibition will be held on Palm Sunday, 24 April, now 14, National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti”.

Lady will speak conf. univ. is. Paula Popoiu, Director General of the National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti” and present art criticism: is. Roxana Pasculescu, is. Marius Tita and father Dr.. Florin Şerbănescu, patriarchal counselor.

All Palm Sunday, year 2015, It was inaugurated this tradition of our guild to have a certain time the annual exhibition in a certain place, the seat of one of the most important institutional partners religious guild artists and restorers in Romania.

Association members will be invited AFAPRR Religious Art and Restoration Branch of UAP and other members of the Union of Artists of Romania, UNARTE as students from other artists and / or restoration of museums, cultural institutions in Bucharest and countrywide, foreign artists nominated by the Steering Committee and Professional Committee of AFAPRR.

Partners in organizing the exhibition are National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti” National Museum of Maps and Old Books.

The curators of the exhibition are: painter Cristian Olteanu, pictor restaurator Dr. Irina Sava and historical circle. ST. Florin-Ionut Filip Neacşu.


Faces of Sacre

"You will be hated by all for my name's sake." Luca 21:17

In a world where pragmatic increasingly alarming information we read in the press on globalization persecution against Christians, Blaming religious values ​​and replacing them with other so-called “humanities”, This year's annual exhibition aims to draw a strong signal of the importance of keeping faith, preserving and continuing traditions, to bring attention to the importance of sacred art, conservation of artistic heritage and religious restoration act.

Elimination of Christian symbols and traditions of public life does not mean, fact, nothing but a change of symbols, replacement directed customs and Christian rites, habits and rituals November “atheists”. In today's world: ieslele are removed from everywhere in public space, Christian holidays are confiscated and / or replaced with pagan celebrations, often with substratum diabolic, white is replaced with the black (Halloween, Black Friday), light with darkness.

The message of this year's exhibition is intended as an endorsement of zicerii St.. Ap.Ev. Luca (Our guild patron), truth which unfortunately is evident tribulaţiunile and unfriendly atmosphere they are subjected to creative artists of sacred art and restaurateurs along the entire profession artistic Romania.

In the event of sacred art conservators and designers will present their works produced in the previous year, multiannual projects that were recently completed or are still in progress and results of the research workshop,ro.

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