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Exhibition: AXIS MUNDI #2, After Darie – National Museum Brukenthal

Venue: Contemporary Art Gallery of the National Museum Brukenthal

Lifespan: 04 – 31.07.2014

Opening: 4 July, hours 16:00

Curator: Dr.. Alexandru Sonoc

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“The exhibition Axis Mundi on one hand it is a social issue, pertaining to ecology and the destruction of the forest heritage, and on the other side of a moral issue that keeps, individual consciousness. There are things in our lives that we are both witnesses and perpetrators”.(After Darie)

Itinerant exhibition is part of project AXIS MUNDI (AXIS MUNDI #1 23.03. 15.05.2014 Cuhnia, Mogoșoaia, Palaces Brâncoveneşti).

Average partener: Artclue, Modernism
Sponsor: Union of Artists

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