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Expoziția de Primăvară de la MȚR, la a V-a ediție

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Of 12 February, until 28, la MȚR.

Exhibit: Giani Amarandei, Antioch Alexandu – Manu Sibiceanu, Cătălin Bădărău, Vasile Celmare, Cristian Crestincov, Gheorghe Danila,ro, Mircea Deac, Doru Drăgușin,ja, Dumitru Constantina, Claudiu Philemon, George Gogescu, Viorel Grimalschi, Adalgiza Harabagiu, Eugen Ilina, Ion Ladea, Traian Lupu, Felix Lupu, Dan Munteanu, Mircea Muntenescu, Cela Neamțu, Anne Orbán,,hu,The Spring Exhibition at MTR,,ro,at the 5th edition,,ro,the MŢR,,es,Catalin Bădărău,,ro, Cristian Pentelescu, Ana Zoe Pop, Patricia Smith, Mihai Rusen, Virgil Scripcariu, Vasile Soponariu, claudia Todor.

National Art Museum and the contemporary artists

(Exhibition catalog)
Art? What could be more volatile than art? A breath of wind? Or ideas? Now 110 year, Alexander Tzigara - Samurcaş wanted (și a și reușit, până la urmă), to establish a museum of art Naţionale. He was born in 1906, Royal Jubilee year of, and proved to be one of the most brilliant achievements of national culture at the beginning of last century. Tzigara – Samurcaș a sought to find, in DISCLOSURES fabrics and weaving peasant forks încrestăturile, countries essences expression of national identity. Esthetician and art historian by profession, founder museology beautiful national searched every item that you purchased for museum, trying to exceptionality argue traditional culture, its intrinsic value and its power of expression European level. The peasant - that eternal traditional peasant civilization - was not an artist, in the sense of Today the term: he did not create for the sake of beauty. Yet, each object out of hand his was, în fapt, an art object. Maybe, today, I fall into the category of interior design. Two centuries ago, human concern which was to create the environment to make it not only useful. Astăzi, subject play out of the immediate sphere of usefulness. The artist wishes acceptance object created by him in the house any of sow. The fifth edition of the Spring Exhibition aims precisely to this. exposure
focus on items that, each of us, like we have in our homes. I'm not public monuments, Exhibitors are works in grandiose urban spaces, are, instead,ro, items that we would like our home. Not because we could not live without them, but because they just make us acceptable life. We are poisoned by objects functionality we surrounds. We need non-functional goods, The apparent futility of some embodiments not have another quality than beauty. This is the essence of the current edition of the Spring Exhibition, iar
its purpose in Romanian Peasant Museum is found in beauty link Top among the assets of the Museum's collections and objects exhibited in the Foyer Hall Museum. It would be impossible to name them all the artists present. Important is the link between these artists and museum space, the continuation of which is partly each creator. Și, art Romanian, important is that these artists enjoy a natural space to be able express, while the rooms that are available to creators in the arts Visual seem to decrease more and more. National Museum of the Romanian Peasant,ro, as a living institution, serving the whole society, sees fit to provide artists a place to be express. I hope that the good cooperation we established a, years ago, Association HDU to continue, even after the situation returns to normal, and art galleries and museums, as spaces devoted to contemporary art, they will become natural partners for all artists Romania.

Virgil Ștefan NIȚULESCU


Fotoreportaj de la vernisaj – 12 February 2016

1 2.1 2 3 4

5 6

10 11 17

Constantina DUMITRU

15 18

19.1 19


21 22

Cristina Tița și tapiserie de Cela NEAMȚU


29 25

31 32 33.1 33

35.1 34



36 37


38 39

Doru DRĂGUȘIN, painting and sculpture,ro


41 43 99

Curatorul Bogdan Breza ne oferă cheile expoziției

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