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Festival “The truth about the Gauls and ancient history of the Romanian lands”


Festival “The truth about the Gauls and ancient history of the Romanian lands”

Sunday, 12 October

10:00 – Event for children: meeting with writers Daniel Vasile Lupasc Roxin. The presentation illustrated children's book BUREBISTA, By Vasile Lupaşc

10:30 - Comic Workshop for children - "Gods, heroes, fairies and animals caption "Dacian mythology - with comics author Michael. Madalina Corina Diaconu Grajdeanu and journalist

10:30 - Ceramic and leather workshop for children organized by the Association ciency Danais.

11:00 - Film documenting: Treasures and enigmatic places in Romania (scenariu şi regie: Daniel Roxin)

11:30 - Conference: Burebista (prof. is. Mihai Popescu)

12:00 - Conference: Dacia, Dacia and Decebal consciousness coryphaeus Transylvanian School (conf. Univ. Dr.. Aurel V. David)

12:45 - Launch of our ancestors real book - Getae, Dacia, Tracii, Iliri…(Conf. Univ. Dr.. Gheorghe Iscru)

13:15 - Conference: Draconian Dacian, of the Dacian Vlad Ţepeş. (Conf. Univ. Dr.. Aurel V. David, Marius Fincă, Conf. Univ. Dr.. Gheorghe Iscru)

14:00 - Project presentation Deceneu and Dacia and artistic Moment actor Dorel Visan

14:10 - Presentation historical film: Stories about Prince Vlad Draculea (actorul Ion Haiduc, Lupasc writer and director Andrei Vasile Chiriac)

14:30 - Pause (During the break we invite you to participate in a military demonstration Dacian and military training organized by the Association of Public Danais)

15:00 - Conference: Romanian kings of Hungary (Prof.. Vasile Lupaşc)

15:40 - Conference: Transylvania, Romanian land (Prof.. Univ. Dr.. Ioan Condor)

16:00 - Launch of the book - Wallachian Voivode – play about the life of Michael the Brave (prof. is. Cristian Marin)

16:15 - Conference: Dinastia Sarab-basarab, martyrdom Brâncoveni (Conf. Univ. Dr.. Gheorghe Iscru)

17:00 – Conference: Romanian myths Riddles in view of G. Coşbuc (Prof.. Gheorghe Bucur)

17:30 - Conference: Romanian Dacia Dacia consciousness at the beginning of the third millennium (Conf. Univ. Dr.. Aurel V. David)

18:00 – Conference: Coup in 23 August 1944 and its geopolitical and strategic implications (is. researcher Constantin Corneanu)

18:30 - Film documenting: Treasures and enigmatic places in Romania (writing and directing Daniel Roxin)

19:00 - Microrecital Dacice – inspired by Romanian folklore - Michael Thomas, between archaic and electronic

Festival Director: Daniel Roxin


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