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Florin Bârză – Nude


Sounds hilarious but I do not know precisely what interests me nude.
Search an alphabet, divinație yi-king?
The coincidence in intermediate terms such tonal, which is also surprisingly different color terms, give passage European language.
În Asia, between yin and yang is seen elementary philosophical passage. A culture of permissiveness that has no middle man because he is in the suburbs, the behold.
Oriental dimorphic nature provides breathability to the western edge attempt. And the Chinese goal (evacuating heart) Oriental passage could be extremely.
An interpretation of Confucian "Book upheavals", guess manual, with compact or lax hexagram forms could decrypt reading "nudes" as ideograms budding?
My question is whether Western and Far Eastern Passage site might meet in some place or the other can ... organic mental?
Forcing obsession formal agreement is due not only to the volume reference is there although the data are extracted, all that follows.(Florin Bârză)


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