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Florin Bârză – Sociobalet


A story that I wanted neîntâmplata. What they see is saving by dilution key social. And he traces the case history with a crisis Panopticum. Inside out. That expression, since residual visual concept sits neprogramatic.
A relationship system, follows an ideology. From ideology than falling out. O logică, commonly, forțată. Expresionalismul and ideologie, idee fixă, obsession. Ce a ieșit, Expressionism is the traditional means.
Cadrul and Mental loc, and especially cultural. Councillor Goethe auditorium mimic scenographic treatru with his band on stage painting famous works princely.
Grotovski took scenography pictorial, reducing minimalist plans and adding objects - symbol value (Concrete - transcendent?).
Și, rather, directed circus "Soleil" return the volume pictorial compositions "ante factum".
Working on similar compositions after 90 years. I wanted to rectify that stole photo, and directed the painting image.
The event came syncretic. On one hand I received compositions "taught by history" in a kinematic redundancy production designer - director - choreographer, and the other, transient events lighters value. Or reîncarnare to popularei "comedy of art".
Instinctul pragmatic, miming skills and survival action, disappearance of the unique behavior, valuations fragmented, a rush vitalist channeled ready made traces conservation. All common dramas that make life postmodernity, if rich, multiple expressive.
From FAPT umane anamorfoze.
The papers are dated after 2005.(Florin Bârză)


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