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Florin Bârză – painter, vitralist

Painting and Graphics Gallery – Posts:

Choreography Sociobalet

Florin-Bârză-Coregrafie-4 Florin-Bârză-Sociobalet-5

Harlequin Nude

Florin-Bârză---Arlechine-2 Florin-Bârză---Nud-24

Portraits ESRB

Florin-Bârză---Portrete-5 Florin-Bârză---Cerşători-7

Venetian Carnival earth dishes

Florin-Bârză---Bucatele-pamântului,-natură-moartă-7 Florin-Bârză---Carnaval-Veneţian-4

Fastidiousness Readings

Florin-Bârză---Capricii-după-tetradrahme--4 Florin-Bârză-Lecturi-4

Race Ecvestre

Florin-Bârză---Corrida-6 Florin-Bârză---Cai-6

Landscape Geometry

Florin-Bârză---Peisaje-21 Florin-Bârză---Geometrie-1

V itralii



Note critice:

A painter of romantic exaltation

“Florin Bârză, seems to convince us that his pictorial essays are not just an appeal epigonic his great teacher lesson.
That is why the pcntru, judged in terms of stylistic notes acestiei, the most attractive composition proposed by artist simezele Gallery IRECSON I have revealed to be the boşate. A "reading overflight" a real pretext, especially when it carries a high dc symbolic representation, which might add pathos attitude or gestures characters, exempt him subterfuge artist or narrative detail descriptivist.
In this situation, Florin Stork his speech derobează order deconstrângerile painting ideas / Theme, leaving the field open to suggestions and movement of meaning. He thus assumes that the only kind of language he knows best to communicate something to his interlocutor presumptive: the painting. More specifically told, color.
Around this symbolic or metaphorical scenes – not once imagology references to Christ or to the representations of mythology contorsionatele couple, times of suffering, erotic exaltation pain, Icarus and Terpsichore are obvious. Stork carries his true demonstration of painting.
A painter who does not hesitate, however, to paint landscapes and genre scenes gallant, the most devoted style "bourgeois", I would say much to the delight of avid clientele of visual flavors, than the subtleties of pictorial. Artistic merit is that in this "game salonard, The heating of the hand, be taken seriously, without compromising the craft! ” ( Cornelius Antim – Morning, 26 May 2005 )


“In all works today exspuse -vitralii, graphics and acrylic-topics are very strong. I recommend you carefully study each work, is more than what I thought at first sight, thoughts artist. The stained glass windows are a speech from psychoanalysis to the subject of today's available. The graphics see a couple leaning on the philosophy of life. In painting, the relationship between man and woman is sent to the sphere in which light takes color and depth. Long geometry was considered, and may is still, knowledge of truth. If you go outside the geometry can not know truth. Florin stork seek the truth, seeks to express, to present level of knowledge reached, an artistically. ( MARIUS Tita-OPENING "bolt caps and flowers" Galateca December 2008 )


Follower of color styling and modern compositional

“Writing, another time, that "the stork is very confident Florin art, that "Although the response elements and techniques of modern art, who have proven their value and sustainability, not broken any moment classical foundations, strong traditional art "and that all his compositions" are genuine synthesis traditionalism and modernism”. The correspondent purposes and summaries, high degree of law from the symbolist aesthetic, is brilliantly highlighted the originality with which, Florin's painting Stork, "Collaborating” tight drawing, art compositional and chromatic. Despite the superhuman efforts, intelligent and inspired "hidden” and, so, aparent nonexistent, dancers (dancers, in particular), surprised with graphics tools (pencil, Coal, tuş etc. black and white) or painting (surprising and brilliant color explosion, designed to fascinate the eyes!), entities seem spiritualized”(Augustine Macarius )



“Is a painter whose exhibitions we can not ocoleşti.Este one of the middle generation artists prezenţşi SSI remarkable is that, Each exhibition means another facet of its concerns. This summer, Cervantes Institute introduces us to the world of Spanish bullfighting and Spanish dance world kn passionate and nostalgic. You can say that painting is "in the blood", that lives and breathes through this art form. Experience has brought new records in germinating and blossoming artist fineness of spirit and daring valence of which pbligă to create eloquent Summaries and evocatoare.Are gift of reality to be there, on canvas…Yet, lead you in the transcendent image. Most of his paintings are "essays", are evidence of inspiration and modern intelligence. Whatever emotional register that wants to communicate, image has the elegance that is gained by grace, work and science. Florin plastic Bary's speech because how admirably does the spirit of harmony and firesculuia force that believes in IDEA. From the pictures painted of him turn to regarding where magnetic: They lead you into an abyss poetic, a space where the real and surreal projection of the swing in the BALANCE talgerele, once, We will tell the truth. Everywhere in this world of shapes and colors, Somewhere in the underground, artist knows, pulsating sacred laws of geometry. This, definitely, an artist who fulfills her vocation: the painter.” (Cristina Maria Angelescu November Nine O'Clock 2000 )



“The first meeting with the stork painting Florin, spent at the Slovak Institute of Culture, I surprised by the colorful sophistication exhibited tablorurilor. More than enough reason to make me Endless Love sa.Sigurantei painting drawing, chromatic refinement declansasera my admiration evoked meeting, were added a surprising wave umor.Încercările to enroll in modern time searches, painter entitled them to a fine self-irony… LIPA LIPA BY ABSTRACT. Un alt tablou, suggestive demonstration of constructivist painting technique is called "decomposition" .In so diverse landscape of Romanian painting, painting and graphics Florin Stork outlines a distinctive creative personality, a great talent force, a colorist who knows how to build great colorist lesson maturity, of the Vasile Grigore Ciucurencu.” ( Constantin Visan, 1997 )



“Trying to get what I call Situated half way between a externalized and internalized painting one. "Florin Stork is one of those not many artists who have learned the dominate color and when to leave it dominated.” ( Ana Barton Flame No. 5 / 2001 )


Unreality nonimaginară

“A spiritual mobililate totally makes remarkable Florin Stork's uneasy logic does not prevent immediate feelings never Leste, the pitfalls of lack of information or fear of becoming implausible or even stylistically impardonabilă.Din, plastic expression often slipped into expressionist type formulations, whose drama is emphasized, In some cases, In contrast to acute, and sometimes by discreet pulsation wallpapers, the painter treats, too, very carefully in almost all the work sale.Coloritul heady, substrate reveals tense confrontation between speculative imagination, abstract and conceptualized own artist and figurative bodily crushing strict constraints involved in certain circumstances. The latter are, however, assumed free experiences of an original painter, deep and confident which is clearly in the process of expanding thematic and stylistic, natural consequence of its full artistic maturation.” (Cornelius Ostahie offset, 2 June 2005 )


Painter illusions

“The artist makes an elegant exposé ideas, several steps of the real, between tangibility and illusion. Good knowledge of anatomy and keen observer of the game evanescent “of the light shining folds of garments range from matcriale, rich, Florin stork gives concreteness these puppets drawn from comedy del'arte, Carlo Goldoni in drama and personality imbued with the aura of mystery of Antoine Wattcau. Rapidly capture a gesture, a metallic sheen, an ironic or treacherous eyes squeezed through the eyes of the mask, exhibitor is awarded painter illusions, impressions trecatoare.El not paint real people, Pagliacci but caught in a diabolical Sarabanda. Gamele reci – green, Blue, violet, lit their complements – Equity stands divided, generally vertical, in two distinct areas, for cutting characters depending on nuante.Mediul fantastic travestirii, ideal to become, even for a moment, else, the dream being, Artists is an old concern of all, and Florin stork managed to walk in all its complexity, encouraging imagination and reverie.” (Adrian-Silvan Ionescu )


Axiom image

“Although these lines litle pome be tricky at first sight, FlorinBârză is far from an exact, a “transmitter” the utterances and plastic images, but rather, “armed” talent and lyricism of a special middle invoice, search, and finds, clear definition of the concept art, by successive exposures and nuanced pictural.Greu motif to fit in some plastic power. Florin Bârză “flirt” in a naturally happy and full of complex techniques of artistic expression , Expand the scope of the figuraiiv, expresionism. post-expresionism, Modern corduroy pictura, with the geometrization and abstractions full of unusual or, why not, going forward, noted onirică.De painting bill is part playful artistic creation, that “investigheazi” talent and aplomb, theater and dance, ballerinas and its characters are in part or in idle moments, being true gender models, What are the origins and the Degas, but equally creative borrowing and acidic notes of Toulouse-Lautrec!'” ( Dragos Ciobanu )


“Pasiand in acest spatiu, in this exhibition, We have the courage , boldness , temerity to believe we are called to dive into a different reality than the apparent, in a different world than the existence – We assume the risk of loss of self to be reborn in another space, in another universe, in reality only one true, that of ideal forms that our freedom is absolute and soul saved; enter the horizon off time and space, that happiness – also the one in which we were born and where we get a moment here, and now, through art, and its creator, the work of, we live in a moment of eternity.” ( Dumitru D.IFRIM Word Trade Center - Plaza, Bucure§ti, 2 November 2000 )


” Paintings, mainly in acrylic, and the graphics, nudes, compositions, pictures, have a dynamic privacy. Satu Mare unique exhibition refers to a syncretic approach to arts, the plastic expression is crossed by a poetic thrill and dance. In this, viewer is overwhelmed.” ( Ovidiu Suciu- County Museum of Art exhibition )


“Cycle "Harlequin" is old theme in the creation of the stork, with a subject that he approached him continuously, a motif present in all his paintings and currently developed in a manner downright spectacular. Apparently, is a simple matter, a scene that takes place in three "characters" - artist, model, place - and that illustrate the eternal battle between organicity model - live, dynamic, suggestive - and stiffness Euclidean space in which it exists as an "object" for artistic representation. If you were to draw a parallel suggestion about the special nature of this topic, I remember those eternal problems in mathematics that are not ever solved, but whose "Stand" is a matter of pride for scientists and, also, an excellent opportunity that offered their discipline to practice and train your mind. So it is with such an issue / problem pictorial, is, by definition, Free and "insoluble": true artists always return it and seeks to find, if not solutions, even egregious statements in November. And as Florin stork is, no doubt, such a genuine artist, should not surprise us that his drawings of this cycle resembles an alphabet symbols seem strange coming from another reality, from a parallel world. Nudes in the current exhibition are, as one can easily observe, fluid form, swimming in olumină spectral, thermal contrasts and colors simultaneously joining the same value - ie, recourse to sophisticated techniques and extremely difficult - to name just some "fireworks" stylistic virtuosity measure giving the artist handles the color line, followed without hesitation impeccably articulated conceptual project.” ( Cornelius Ostahie, IRECSON word spoken at the opening gallery, Bucharest, 15 June 2009)


"Clowning world, seen by the author expoztiei, disguised philosophy descended from the famous Shakespeare, with its share of humor and smile that Confine inşelepciune tenderness”. ( Octavian BARBOSA critic and art historian – February 1998 Fig )


“Ca act hiperbolic, Bucharest painter's mask off a painting measures phlegmatic. Here, chosen model is not a simple transfiguration, but terrifying mask echivalenţă.Cu, painter actually deepened human being until he sensed what was behind him- false that. The theme is addressed as by waiving the conventional figures and false sovereignty and thus, the conventional souls. At this level seem to make all the games there. Mask is not nothing but Ace in the hole. Each cheats, each win. It creates an atmosphere where everyone is happy, even cheerful. But defiance, intimidation, sarcasm or cabatinismul are nuances that turns the joy. Perhaps this strange feeling that, at any moment, characters can descend from paintings to begin a dance gallant gestures , slow and unreal, ca vis. A feast in which every character relies superego always tormented by Inno need appearances. Moral integrity is destroyed, consciousness is abandoned…. the show continues. The only sadness touched this board game, SSA seems to remain, by his sails – artist. Revolt of developing an aggressive logos, accuracy-justification, to locate or specify the mask without ever witness. The air of complicity, the occult, betrayal, cohabitation with the guilt is foreshadowed one page. All work is contexctualizat cabatinismul. Florin proposed blades stork remains outraged; without weapons and without words. He dares not color their violence. A specific space is approached as a support for the time it parodies, causing it or reduce it to the image.” ( Gologan Lucia - "Gallery Gheroghe Petraşcu Galati" 1998 )


“Stork Florin's painting is one of "nolat,ie”. amount available in colors like rush, Luse gestures betray impatience marked. The whole work is, but, harmonious. built painstakingly and delicately. This apparent paradox comes from the artist's desire to conumica maximuin possible by plastic signs, of the nostril on the image that, would otherwise remain within the decorative. Equally complex are also sentimenentele to break through lines and colors, nostalgic, exaltation, compasinne si, sometimes, riot. Contemplativ in peisaje. urmuzian in unconventional compositions and analytical in the still, Florin stork defines itself through the current exhibition as an artist with extensive possibilities of plastic expression. deep and dynamic understanding of world and deciphering performance.” ( Cornelius Ostahie )


“My impression, indeed at the outset, was and is that the stork painting Florin is not just a profession. When a dialogue with the artist discover that for him painting, Art is a calling, a vocation! Florin stork is perhaps one of the few of his generation who remained faithful to figurative, real, but anyway. Get up without notice within the surreal, I swing between real and surreal, spending all harmoniously like a beautiful dream. In this world of, and only by, All pusează, color, line, everything is alive, and it seems so simple and easy. But not so. Underlying all these impressions are deep belief in the idea of ​​the artist, art, painting, THEREFORE fails to fully introduce you a universe lyric, transcendental. I just feel it,, is a true poet, because of its outstanding sensitivity, because of his beliefs that life is beautiful with its struggles, Her hardships artist has a place of refuge - an enchanted island is art; instead they continue the "fight" with them. The world's Florin stork is a world of movement, the chromatic explosive atmosphere which supports image, and not least of the duct line they form the skeleton on which everything SUPPORTS. At Florin stork are all natural things which owns the full, proving that art is its vital element, that is really hunt painter. It is an open and honest artist.” ( IUDITH ERDÖS – Satu Mare County Museum in April 2009 )


“Author, artist sensibil, perceived as such a genuine loving public art, is a guy who says: NO! Who can say NO! A YES NO is legitimized and clean. The few times I saw a "mountain" so well "dressed" with floors, designed to create the universe ". It's a very modern classic. It is a neoclassical rarely - but this thing feels - feels the need to tell staff that knows the "desuetitudinea" of. Known as obsolete, is a guy who says "NO" to a "yes".” ( Senator George Dumitraşcu opening Senate Hall "OMNIA" February 2000 )


” Painting raises no real evidence to speech. How the painting manages to give voice to our deepest feelings and the surface, as if they were at ease, Surface. Florin stork fall within this type of artist that seems seduced by the surface of things because it has the great virtue of authenticity, making prevail, appear in this area, nonchalantly things. The ease with which it moves, ease with which dance before us, discretion may mean severity. Only quality, living deep afford not to make too much, not explicitly emphasize insinuate itself and as such nothing. When the depth of emotional experiences afford to play, to take against the grain itself is a sign of great authenticity that only authenticity can afford the luxury of not emphasize noise and not blatantly highlight some halo. His soul, His sensitivity plays the conceptualization maintaining direct metaphor zone, in the most straightforward, almost palpable. Lyricism or palpable, This follows calls Touch, ai zice, of visuality. This orbit moves in the same spirit of playful discretion evolving destiny of this great designer.” ( Octavian Barbosa opening U - Art Gallery in June 2008 )


“I would start with this colorful speech that can not leave anyone indifferent, especially because the color force. There are many painters who are not afraid of the primary colors. Generally many artists are hiding behind colorful grays, conceal their feelings too intense. Florin stork does not, puts on the page with all the force and power of emotions, They are seething as the colors. We are dealing with an artist who did not fall in a way - I personally admire artists who always finds something else - no proper style. His style is to go through it all.” (Luiza Barcan – Galeria vernisaj: "Art House"- April Floor 2007 )

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