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Fire, song and painting


We invite you to exhibition "FLOWERS OF DEW”, an event totally special, bohemian air, which will take place Tuesday 31 more 2016, now 18.30, the Auction house "GOLDART", strada Str. I. The. Caragiale 7 bis, Bucharest

You will discover the poetry of silent color, in an exercise of introspection artist Paul Surugiu, who paints paintings songs and hear stories. In October last year launched project "ART FOR ART BY FUEGO-SOUL, an initiative which aims to support Romania's greatest artists, ajunşi, for various reasons, in a predicament, and young talent.

So, most of the funds from the sale of paintings by Paul Surugiu legends go to Romania, but also to young people who knock on doors affirmation. In 8 Monday, the project has made numerous outstanding works, helping over 40 cases, among which great artists such as Elijah Micolov, Lucky Marinescu, Cornel Constantiniu, Aimee Iacobescu, Anca Pandrea, Elizabeth Preda, Petru Popescu Demetru, Ioan Voicu, Gheorghe Urschi and many others.

Moderator: Octavian URSULESCU

Afis Expozitie FLORI DE ROUA - Paul Surugiu FUEGO

I created this universe of colors and the music thinking that art is the only one who can save us. Beyond all, I am happy that we managed to implement a passion, which took shape with the help and support you. That is why, part of the proceeds will be donated to a humanitarian cause, thus wanting to support institutionalized children and older people who want to give some joy. That's because I never have done anything without to care or to think about the fate of those around me” – Paul Surugiu – FUEGO.

"FLOWERS OF DEW” gathers 40 Working on the 40 years that the artist is celebrating this year its; Paul Surugiu busily working, uninterrupted to works that will elevate the Auction House GOLDART, on 1 on 10 June 2016.

Because ART by FUEGO means art for the soul (…) I plan, to help my colleagues always older, ArtistI respectaţi have Ţării, who for various reasons have reached a delicate financial situation. (…) I wanted to be with my colleagues, arrived at the end of a successful career, trying to help, with my modest possibilities, to ensure a decent living, giving them the opportunity to express freely what they know to do better - their art. For every home must have targets, and the beautiful can change, one time dat, place. I leave you to enjoy the art and thank me in this project are almost!” – Paul Surugiu – FUEGO.


Art lovers, people what they want to support this noble project, specialists and the general public exhibition which is addressed equally are invited to visit the Auction House GOLDART in Bucharest, Art. I. The. Caragiale 7 bis, on 1 on 10 June, following schedule: Monday to Friday 10.00 – 18.00, Saturday: 11.00 – 15.00. Admission is free.

For details visit, , but pages Facebook ART BY FUEGO și Paul Surugiu – Fuego.

Wait for confirmation on your e-mai or phone 0748.977.521.


For more information:

Oana Georgescu, PR Specialist

Car: 0722.434.986 / 0744.654.838 /

AGITATIE, CANTEC, acrilic pe panza, 60X70 cm CANTEC, acrilic pe panza, 60 X 70 cm

DA-MI DOAMNE, FLORI, CANTEC, acrilic pe panza 60-70    cm DOR DE NARCISE, CANTEC, acrilic pe panza 60 -70 cm

LALELE REGALE, acrilic pe panza, 60X70 cm RUGA SERII - acrilic pe panza, 60X70 cm

SARUT VATRA, acrilic pe panza, 60X70 cm PAUL SURUGIU FUEGO foto 3

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