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The release of art "Bucharest today. Viziunea artiștilor de mâine”

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Wednesday, 31 august 2016, now 19

The release of art

„Bucureștii de azi. Viziunea artiștilor de mâine”

Collection Today, Publisher C.M.Imago

Contrast Icon Gallery in Bucharest

(Art. No icon. 23, at the intersection with Street. Alexandru Donici)


The event will be exhibited and a selection of original works, which can be viewed during 31 august – 6 September 2016, in the presence of artist Lawrence Dimisca.

"A big project,,ro,Contrast Gallery,,ro,Konrad Miht,,hi,Icon,,ro, much larger than we thought we at writing and development of. It grew up with each activity and the time to guide us towards further. I grew up with it and we, I discovered new things about ourselves and even I learned more.

The challenges were multiple, including Lawrence Dimisca, It is the first canvases inspired by buildings, architecture and their stories. Brush the fever of inspiration led him on to new highs plastic Lawrence, each painting reveals itself began to other creative windows, and his style began to evolve easily to a new cycle. "


An interdisciplinary experimental project on the border between fine art, artistic sensibility and history, architecture, Building material cultural heritage. His goal is to promote cultural heritage tourism Bucharest's architectural and historical identity highlighting Romania's capital by contemporary techniques of plastic representation.

35 architectural and historical landmarks of Bucharest were selected by the Association Rhabillage and made a documentary on their complex, for subsequent plastic artist's vision represented Dr.. Lawrence Dimisca – new Representation – 30 of which, and five artists selected by competition debutants: Aida Radu, Alma Benedek, Konrad Miht, MILEA Marius and Cristina Mihaela ŞOLGA – Artă Experimentală -, who participated in a painting workshop experimental.

All work performed were part of the plastic art exhibition outside the rules, itinerated in Bucharest, Sibiu and Piatra Neamt to raise awareness and inspire future projects to rescue the Romanian architectural heritage through innovative approaches.

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A draft Fundației OUTSIDER ART Piatra Neamt, with the financial support of National Cultural Fund Administration.

CONTACT: Arina Bianca Rusu

Project manager, Fundația Outsider Art

+40 721 354 054

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