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The auction Goldart 126. 30 June 2014

AUCTION Balkan cultural values, values ​​PERENE

Monday, 30 June 2014, now 19:00

Gallery GoldArt Ghildush

Art lovers are invited back on 30 June to full auctioning, including art book chapters consistent, silverware, glassware, ceramics, metal, contemporary art, Religious Art, painting graphics and Romanian.

Mind and this time wealth genres of Romanian painters. The landscape is represented by authors such as: James Lazar, Adam Bălţatu, Demetrius Loghin, Aurel Popp Ludoșanu, Iosif Steurer, To the. Moscow, Elena Vavylina, Rudolf Schweitzer-Cumpana, Sabin Balas.

In "view Builds", Micaela Eleutheriade manages to convey a sense invigorating, restful, of observing a hilly ground. Painter includes notations spontaneous saw a landscape panoramatic, flexibly and modulation, with remarkable elegance of line.

mutzner "Japanese Garden" by Samuel Mützner, painted in the Impressionist manner, impregnated by a jovial sense of nature, bearing the same confession of a temperament inclined towards discovering the enchanting game of light.

Remarkable still lifes, made by Rodica Lazar, Mina Byck Wepper, Ioan Papazoglu, Gheorghe Juster sau Ioan Dreptu, equally draw our attention.

sion "Still Life with Flowers" by I. Theodorescu Sion convey a sense of induced perennial Hellenic consistent color and pictorial bill supported by a dense pulping, revealing the author's inclination to the solid structure of objects.

Remarkable are the few characters portraits and compositions, present in the current session. These are illustrated by name as: Ecaterina Cristescu Delighioz, Ovidiu Oprea, Nicolae Vermont, Samuel Mützner, Erno Nagy sau Arthur Mendel.

piliuta "Wedding in fair" by Constantin Piliuţă reveals once again the fervent artistic spirit, ironic and egolatru the author, dublat of a lirism debordant. The characters are characterized by a charming freshness, Explosive colors, vibrant, in tones of great vitality.


Ecaterina Cristescu Delighioz – Lady with fan



Ovidiu Oprea – Arlechin şi Columbine

Exceptionally, Goldart auction of 30 June brings together a number of artists home aromână. Artists Aromanian origin were integrated in the Romanian without specifically assert identity, other than plastic, that had been individually conquer. Echoes identity occurred but, that in any event the authentic, Some preference in the subject, others identified in the ethos.

Are shown, for the first time in the same auction, Macedo artists of all generations Romanian modern and contemporary art, masters DISCIPLES, cum este Theodor Aman, first director of the School of Fine Arts in Bucharest - with engraving, "Head of a Child", şi Pericles Capidan (1869 – 1966), Aromanian painter formed in the first decades of operation of the school, as student Aman and Tattarescu, and artists of the next generation of Romanian schools in Iasi and Bucharest that were first formed in Budapest and Munich, ca Ary Murnu (1881 -1971), times in Paris, as if Severus Burada (1896-1968) the one, after years of study with D. The. Mirea, pleca la National School of Fine Arts.


Ary Murnu – Geta Bucegii Caragiu – Branch

ary murnu caragiuMihai Tugearu . Cârlibană draghici

Mihai Tugearu – Cârlibana Ion Draghici – The phrase horse head

Ary Murnu . AutoportretDumitru Pasima . Henri Coandă

Ary Murnu – Self Portrait Dumitru tread – Henri Coandă

The auction number 126 a Ghildush GOLDART House will be held on Monday, 30 June, now 19:00, The Gallery GoldArt Ghildush, In. I.L. Caragiale nr. 1.

Visiting the exhibition can be here, following schedule:
Monday - Friday (23-27 June), between the hours 11.00-17.00
Saturday, 28 June, between the hours 11.00-17.00
Monday, 30 June, between the hours 11.00-19.00


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