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Published on February 21st, 2015 | by Marius


The auction "sensitivity and color" to Goldart

Auction House GOLDART-Ghildush

Auction 139

"Sensitivity and color"

Monday 23 February, now 19.00


Decorative art if intended to foster and maintain sensitivity for beauty and fine art mainly manifested by color - these are the two tracks that define the content of the call for Monday 23 February GOLDART-Ghildush House.

Ornaments - from watches and brooches decorated with precious stones, earrings and pendants eccentric, objects showcase and dining, numerous other decorative vases from famous manufactures addresses a demanding and refined public.

Very expressive is the selection of contemporary art, which may be retained in the works of some Viorel brand Mărginean, Virgil Parghel, Dan Botta, Marin Gherasim, Valeriu Boborelu and others as prestigious.

Important names of Romanian graphics covers a wide thematic range - Lucia Dem Bălăcescu, Florin Niculiu, Octav Bancila, Marcel Iancu, Nicolae Constantin Piliuţă Tonitza or bring cymas landscapes, flowers and unusual characters in situations.

Among the genres of painting present in the current auction, landscapes are characterized by vivid colors and plasticity. Especially scenic spots, domestic and abroad are captured by Pallady, Aurel Băeșu, George Catargi, Vasile Ștefan, To give just a few examples.

Still life, represented in the works of Ovid Oprea, Gelman Lazarus, Traian Brădean, Eugen Ispir, Tia Peltz Nicolae Vermont or are present in a significant mixtum both color and sensitivity. The landscapes of Constantine Udroiu temperamental inclination to discern and stylistic fauvistă. The artist interprets the intensity noticeable appearances of reality, attracted both precision and definition decorative drawing sharp chromatic masses.

Less definite intentions regarding Fauve - which still characterizes a large part of the work - landscape reveals Stefan Vasile characters. Although some plans are defined strictly, mitigate the harshness of cold dominants artist through a gamut restrânasă which makes the whole composition to communicate an unexpected spiritual sensitivity.


28-4 30-1

Traian BRADEAN – Sunflowers Ion DIMITRIU – Interior Sura

48-2 49-1

Rudolf SCHWEITZER – CUMPĂNA – Three ducks Theodor PALLADY – Landscape in France

2 3

Eugen ISPIR – Vas cu flori Aurel Băeşu – The fountain

1 4

Rudolf NEGELY – Adriatic shore Nicholas VERMONT – Mythological scenes

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