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Auctions Goldart – Arte plastice, Book and Product Design Romanian



“Arte plastice, Book and Product Design Romanian "

Monday, 27 October 2014, now 19:00

Gallery GoldArt Ghildush

Ghildush Goldart Gallery invites us to auction on Monday 27 October, now 19.00, where we expect a new collection of modern and contemporary art. The name of this tender account include Corneliu Baba, I. Theodorescu Sion, Kimon Loghi, Leon Alexandru Biju, Gregory Manea and many others. The exhibition is open every day from hours 9.00 the 17.00, and Monday 27 October in 9.00 the 19.00. contemporanAfter success in selling beautiful two oils Redlinger Alma, one awarded to 1700 euro, the other with the 2600 euro, came among a small graphic works, The same author, Simeza be present on the current exhibitions. With her, you found beautiful landscapes in oil signed by James Lazarus, Ion Grigore, Virgil Mancaș, Vladimir Şetran, Radu Daranga.

designUsual, every two weeks, Auction House Goldart-Ghildush waiting for us to discover new works of modern art and new creations of contemporary Romanian artists. This time, prominently are creatives in the field of product design, discover and promote the DIZAINAR, who has dedicated the work to support Romanian design quality.

corneliu_baba 17-12

Bidding Ghildush GOLDART House will be held on Monday, 27 October, now 19:00, The Gallery GoldArt Ghildush, In. I.L. Caragiale nr. 1.

Visiting the exhibition can be here, following schedule:

Monday – Friday (15 – 17 October), between the hours 09:00-17:00
Monday – Friday (20 – 24 October), between the hours 09:00-17:00
Monday, 27 October, between the hours 09:00-19:00


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