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Place and trip / view Neamt, album artist Dumitru D. Garden

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It was printed monographic album Place and trip / view Neamt the painter Dumitru D. Garden, aka knee, a great artist in Piatra Neamt, by birth and life.

Dumitru D. Garden was born in 27 November 1962 in Piatra Neamt. He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts Nicolae Grigorescu Bucharest, Department monumental art restoration, Simona Vasiliu-quintile teachers and Dan Mohanu. After the debut exhibition 1986 participates in numerous personal and collective projects: National Exhibition Graphics, Galeriile "Artexpo", Bucharest, 1996; Art Chow Westerschouwen, Holland, 1998; Exhibition Art and sacredness, German Cultural Center, Science; United Nations Center, Bucharest, 2005; Workshop, Galleries "Lascar Vorel", Piatra Neamt, 2006; Exhibitions Branch UAP Neamt, Galleries "Apollo" and "Artis", National Theater Bucharest, 2006, 2007; National Exhibition of Art, The houses of parliament, Bucharest, 2006; Small blades, Galleries "Lascar Vorel", Piatra Neamt, 2008; Salons Moldova, 1996-2009; Biennial Lascar Vorel, Piatra Neamt, 1997-2011; Group Exhibition, Romanian Cultural Institute in Venice, 2008; Group Exhibition "4 plus", Galleries "Cupola" Iaşi and "Lascar Vorel" Piatra Neamt; Collective exhibition "A summer Antileşti", Galleries "Apollo", National Theater Bucharest (2009); Personal exhibition, Gallery "Ana", Bucharest; (2010), Solo exhibition of paintings and graphics, Galleries "Lascar Vorel", Piatra Neamt (2013); Group exhibition "Four Plus", Galleries "Pallady", Science (2013); Group exhibition "plastic-Nemteni gap Brukenthal Palace", Muzeul National Brukenthal, Sibiu (2014); Group exhibition "Four Plus", Elite Art Gallery”, Bucharest (2014). In 2009 received the Biennial Award Graphics Lascar Vorel Piatra Neamt. He is the author album art illustrations Biarritz so far away so close France emerged from the publisher Atlantic-Seguier, (2003) și al mai multor coperţi de carte şi ilustraţii pentru volume de proză şi poezie editate în România şi Franţa. He works in private collections in Romania, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, YOUR, and the collection of the Museum of Art in Piatra Neamt. It is present in Encyclopedia of Contemporary Romanian Artists Vasile Florea, Volume V (publisher Arc 2000, Bucharest 2003), in volume A Century of Fine Arts in Moldova Valentin Ciucă and published by Article XXI, Science 2009. In 2014 appeared album Dumitru D. Garden, Location and travel / View Neamt, Publisher Lady Castle, Piatra Neamt.

Balcic, u00EEn curtea palatului, ulei pe pu00E2nzu0103,  50X70 cm  (2)a Casa-Hogau015F,-acuarelu0103,-46X30-cm Foiu015For la Cu0103lineu015Fti, ulei pe pu00E2nzu0103, 50X65 cm 2

Skills and master oil painting, Dumitru D. Bostan fast leave feature caused watercolor and kneading, about modeling, pastel. This, fact, a natural evolution, the life of a painter comes when the artistic gesture is an explicit statement setting out how things. And painter, which always hurry to show it in Piatra Neamt, befitting, is ready to show what can and, thank god, perhaps what is most sensitive and the craft in art and in life. As a matter of fact, here are great demonstrations, the small spaces with a classical techniques of peers man, on a theme, Venetia, we are convinced that we have seen everything, at least since the Renaissance or when I visited, solidly, a museum there. Although the area invites you to appreciation rather simple and Zorita, Dumitru D graphics. Bostan prove a serious construction, nearly flawless, and atmosphere as if bound water colors under the bridges of Venice, reflection of palaces full of magic and masks not only reveal the artists skill and sensitivity. And so, his brush becomes a wand that does not need is a touch hurry to reveal wonders and color.

Marius Tiţa, exhibition catalog of paintings and graphics Venetia, Art Gallery Mother Bucharest, April to May 2010.

La Tazlu0103u, ulei pe pu00E2nzu0103, 50X65 cm 2 Santorini, ulei pe pu00E2nzu0103, 70X50 cm Sibiu, Podul Minciunilor, ulei pe pu00E2nzu0103, 70X50 cm Umbra, ulei pe pu00E2nzu0103, 65X50 cm

The first "personal": Dumitru D. Garden

Amânând atâta vreme prima lui expoziţie personală, Dumitru D. Bostan aesthetic rigor demonstrates that sits above other circumstances.

The 25 The papers presented at the Gallery Lascar Vorel Piatra Neamt, require both a personal manner and a fresh approach angle image. Moreover it is noted that since Dumitru D. Bostan is not afraid to classic Cantonese in the field of still life. That's where the surprise, in at least two moments of his pictorial approach. On the one hand, without leaving radiance or nobility overwhelmed by subject, (when they are), the artist prefers to take possession of the image, to dominate, to tear light with a firm touch, dynamics, specific, code dictated by a personal touch. In other words, Dumitru D. Bostan not merely register Craft, but plastic processes topic, to absorb the rhythm of its language. On the other hand but the same effort lineage personal expression, face painter prejudices, bringing objects considered unspectacular composition (Plastics us) The tradition of the genre. Or, putting them into value, the discovery of novel aesthetic connotations, validates the artistic ability at all common.

Emil Nicolae, Action, more, 1997, about exhibition Still Life, Gallery Lascar Vorel, Piatra Neamt, more 1997.

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