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Mirabilismul be with us!

In early spring, the Dimișcă Studio/Gallery Bucharest, Mirabilismul was officially launched and then, to oficial, is with us. He was always where I was able to see the warm colors and happiness of us, But now we know that talking about mirabilism. Especially coming from Piatra Neamt, pursues its life and artistic endeavor, Revencu Mimi gave us Mirabilist multilingual Manifesto. And told us what this new happy and colorful artistic movement:

Mirabilism is the art of the present moment, expressed honestly and directly. Art Mirabilis surprise and is full of candor. It is art that reflects you as you recognize and stop the train of thought man that brings you back to the present, here and now, just you and artwork.

At the beginning of Mirabilismului stories spoke Mimi Revencu, mother Mirabilismului, Lawrence Dimisca, hosted a meeting, teacher art without rules but joyful, Vasile Soponariu, sculptor flight details of aspirations, Marius Tita, singular art history and gross, Silvana Dulamă, art critic and curator of dynamism and mirabilism. The meeting was lit and colored by the presence of many friends, or of creators, be of curators, mirabilia people feeling, jurnalişti entuziaşti, şi atenţi files emoţionaţi.

Pictures are taken by Daniel Ciolac, I Revencu, Marius Tita.

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Lawrence Dimisca, I Revencu, Silvana Dulamă, Vasile Soponariu, Marius Tita

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Marius Tita. Cristina Tița, Florin Filip

MR.8 14

Lawrence Dimisca, Mihnea Mihailescu, Nora Cupcencu

MR.13 MR.1

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