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Published on January 20th, 2015 | by Marius


A new tender Goldart, first of 2015

Auction House GOLDART-Ghildush

Bidding 137
The expressiveness of the portrait and landscape painting bohemian

Monday 26 January, now 19.00
In. I. The. Caragiale nr. 1

Bidding 137 House GOLDART-Ghildush collectors purport to present a series of portraits and landscapes made in different styles and techniques, belonging to the most important periods of artistic creation Romanian. Starting with a wonderful portrait of woman Luchian, done in oil and gouache and ending with a "Nude Study" by Corneliu Baba, this exhibition is full of surprises for visitors. She is seen beginning of the century painters are mysterious, as "Lady with veil" of Constantine Artachino, or semi-shy as "nude seen from behind" by Nicholas Mogoş, either in all its splendor carnal as "Nude Study" by Corneliu Baba or "Nude" by Ion Stătescu. They join various portraits in pencil, ink and watercolor made by Constantin Piliuţă, Corneliu Baba, Aunt Peltzer, George Vânătoru or portraits of peasants and peasant latest oil made in Eugene Christmas and Sever Burada. Contemporary woman is found in two exceptional works of Alma Redlinger, it is surprised when reading, in an attitude of dreaming or reduced representation of the master key Guguianu, imortalizată in bronz, whose title is so significant "Skylark".

Landscape, eternal source of inspiration for artists, is also amply represented in this auction. Landscape with houses Pallady and Lucian Grigorescu, landscape with windmill and country landscape Rudolf Schweitzer Cumpanici, landscape with old streets, with bay Balchik as that of Henri Visconte, or landscape with houses in Balchik Alexander Szathmary, urban landscape of Florence Pretorian, landscape Petre Iorgulescu Yor Bistrita on the beach or mound Pan Ioanid, winter landscape, seascapes as the Stavru Tarasov, all artists reflect sensitivity to the beauty of nature and their willingness to share this state with viewers.

This auction could not turn and decorative art lovers. For them, GOLDART home-prepared Ghildush delicate silver jewelry, porcelain objects, glass and silver Art Nouveau, French porcelain and other objects that recall the beginning of the century bohemian 20.

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61-8 lic137-18-1

The auction is held at the House GOLDART-Ghildush, Entry of I.L. Caragiale nr. 1, Monday 26 January, starting at 19.00. The exhibition is open to the public from Monday 19 January, between the hours 9 și 19, Saturday 24 January between the hours 11.00-15.00 and Monday 26 January between the hours 9 și 19.

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