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Bedřich Smetana homeland or my music and painting at Aachen


In 1882, Prague were interpreted, for the first time in concert, the 6 symphonic poems that make up the series My Country (Patria mea) the composer dedicated to Bedřich Smetana Czech. The first poem is called vyšehrad and it is dedicated to the famous castle of Czech history. The second poem, Vltava, after Die Moldau, the well known German version, evokes the sounds of the river in its flow, the two springs, Hot and Cold, to the mouth of the Elbe. In this poem we find the most popular part of the composition, which some see an adaptation of an Italian songs while others see it arrived at substantiation of the Israeli state anthem Hatikvah, recognized as a loan from Romanian.

Sarka It is the third poem, inspired by the myth of love devouring, literally. The fourth poem has a complicated name, From the Czech meadows and groves, translation Bohemian forests and fields and a delicate musical landscape description Bohemia. The fifth poem is dedicated Taborului, town in southern Bohemia where the uprising began followers of Jan Hus and starts from the first chords of their anthem. The sixth and final symphonic poem My Country (Patria mea) was named the mountain Blanik and Knights of St. Wenceslas legend.

In the days 20 și 21 March, Sinfonieorchestra German city of Aachen will perform Smetana's creation in exceptional Eurogress village hall, Orchestra under the direction of conductor, American Kazem Abdullah who today, with success, the first concert of this, Romanian Rhapsody Enescu.

For concerts with My Country, conductor Kazem Abdullah had the idea to invite the painter Emil Ciocoiu, established almost four decades in Aachen, să realizeze o creație picturală care să completeze evenimentul muzical. After a serious research and intensive work, Ciocoiu painter realized one large canvas and inspiration for each of the 6 symphonic poems. Emil Ciocoiu's paintings will be exhibited during the two concerts at Eurogress, Aachen, and their image will be projected during the concert. looms, so, un eveniment de excepție care reunește emoția vizuală și vibrația muzicală în momente de rară trăire spirituală în centrul căruia avem bucuria să îl regăsim pe Emil Ciocoiu și înălțătoarea sa pictură.

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Kazem Abdullah, Emil Ciocoiu




Vltava (Die Moldau)




From the Czech meadows and groves (Bohemian forests and fields)






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