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Painting by Ottilia Michail-Otetelesanu and Măriuca Otetelesanu at the National Military

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Painting exhibition

Ottilia Michail-Otetelesanu and Măriuca Otetelesanu,

Cercul the National Military

Michail-Otetelesanu Ottilia was born in 1885, Dr. Michail family, a proud Aromanian origin, while the mother of the future painter, Eugenia Raut, coming from a family with traditions of the Polish nobility. Fate brings the young lady in front of Queen Elizabeth could see in her daughter that life has not left a. King and Queen of a popular and take under their protection. After a year, in 1905, receives a scholarship and go to Berlin to study art craft, a way that even Queen Elizabeth had gone at the time all hope. Berlin is the art and technique specializeazăv email. Return home, după studii şi dress Academie Julian of Paris, și, in 1915, Serban marries Otetelesanu, Survivors brothers Buzeşti, legendary captains Michael the Brave.

Destiny, Michail Ottilie life and art-related Otetelesanu Royal Family of Romania, in which the world was formed and lived. A living history of the royal family and Greater Romania, astral moments of the first half of the last century, which he immortalized in watercolor or deep embodiments fragile paintings on canvas. He painted portraits of Charles I and Queen Elizabeth, with the heat that saw all seasons, Watercolor and artistic text novel "Chicken" with Queen.

It was with the royal family when they are born and Bran Balchik, and the images he made with part of the artistic and historical treasure of Romanians. Under flashing stroke of brush stands the palace of Queen and Princes villas but we watch the locals in Balchik, Oriental forget the time and love of beauty. Assists, with the royal family, As rediscovering Romania, mountains and its people, the strength and beauty of nature, purity and splendor of the simple, animal or monumental projects with detail. Ottilie art is much humility Michail-Otetelesanu, Royal House of Romania painter, a thoughtful artist, vibration laborious observation and romantic.

Evident, Ivory Tower is alien painter, participating actively in the artistic life, coming before the public and critics constantly achievements in various plastic techniques they know and expressing. The press notes: "Mrs. Oteteleşeanu exhibition is a visual aesthetic bath for those visiting. Leading out of there mind, soul and beautiful eyes that fall webs of other parts of Romania on, old mansion, monasteries forgotten, walls that are to fall, churches hidden in the mountains, Romania all past and forgotten what is best and most beautiful, Her lovely light, heat and parfurmul past and its tradition. "

Old age brings no peace Otetelesanu Michail Ottilie and accumulation of merit but struggle and, paradoxical, performance in creation which brought Romania. It, of course, Art email, they need the Church and the communist.

Plastic creation option not meant for Măriuca Otetelesanu a predictable and unimaginative taking a family relay. Artist remembers his grandmother rejoiced when he learned of his election, probably a pulse memories that made bearable reality of those times. Too, Măriuca Oteteleşeanu went on his own way, and by building the reputation of his famous name. They accompanied her always warm colors and optimistic reporting to peers and the surrounding society. After university studies in the field working in the performing arts that gives the set and taking the paradigm of all interpretations. Carnival is one who talks about society, the art MARIUCA Oteteleşeanu, with crazy colored interpretations and examples, people and gestures. Landscape and still life can come to complete a creed of "women painters" of the ancient trunk Oteteleşenilor, intrinsically oath of honesty and light, with each stroke, with each frame, Every thought.

And so we come to the end cymas, about Ottilia Michail Otetelesanu stories and discover a life and destiny novel of the twentieth century and about Măriuca Otetelesanu, discrete, powerful and sensitive, let the painting speak.

Marius Tiţa is art critic, publisher specializing in art and art market analyst.

Photo – Iulian Vlad-Mihnea Tiţa and Fodor

The images painter Măriuca Otetelesanu, Valentin Tanase painter and art critic Marius Tiţa

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