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Emil Ciocoiu's painting Festival EuRoCultura,,ro,October 25th,,en 2017

Sub Patronajul Eurodeputatului Mircea Diaconu, President of the Commission for Culture and Education of the European Parliament,,ro,Brussels held,,ro,BOZAR celebrates,,es,Simeza Festival presented ... TESTIMONIES exhibition that included paintings of Emil Ciocoiu and sculptures by Vladimir Kazan,,ro, la Bruxelles a avut loc, la celebra BOZAR, Festival EuRoCultura,,ro,BOZAR back to October,,ro,Third Festival EuRoCultura awaits you this fall at BOZAR,,ro,Palace of Fine Arts in Brussels,,ro,to discover and rediscover together culture,,ro,Romanian tradition and history through theater,,ro,art and film,,ro,Under the patronage of MEP Mircea Diaconu,,ro,President of the Commission for Culture and Education,,ro,European Parliament,,ro,Artistic Director and Executive,,ro,European Artists Management,,en,Festival opening,,ro,exhibition TESTIMONIES,,ro,Emil Ciocoiu painting and sculpture of Vladimir Kazan,,ro,Mircea Diaconu,,ro,Vladimir Kazan,,es.

Simeza Festivalului a prezentat expoziția MĂRTURII… care a cuprins pictură de Emil Ciocoiu și sculptură de Vladimir Kazan.



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