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Portrait of mirrors troublesome

From the beginning I appreciated the theme proposed by President Vasile Parizescu for exhibition on Art Collectors Society (SCAR) A proposal for the exhibition which held occasionally at Cotroceni. The portrait is a special subject from several points of view.

cicoiu si prietenii foto Valeriu si Carmen mircea ciacaru langa autoportretul sau din expozitia de la Cotroceni.1

Marius Tita, collector and portrait subject, Carmen Văideanu, author portrait “Otilia” şi Emil Ciocoiu, author portrait “Marius Tita”, both paintings appearing in the picture, with their authors.

Model, pictor și portret, or Valeriu painter Carmen Dragan and Văideanu.

Mircea Răsvan Ciacâru, Besides his portrait 1977, expus the Cotroceni


Not everyone can make a good portrait, I have a special talent. You can be an exceptional artist, and talent and imagination, but did not hand portrait. On the other hand,, A good artist can make a fair portrait, even similarity, but it does not glisten, even to live.

On the other hand,, not every company knows how to appreciate artistic portrait. A less evolved society does not appreciate artistic creation in general and the portrait is only waiting flattery and idealization. Hence the hard life of the artist who must paint a picture of spledoare limited partner but not too shape even in his mind. No portrait market does not much chance. That few people would buy a portrait not represent them or their own, in a flattering. In auctions even portraits of celebrities, writers and politicians, not sold and the expression have no chance.

Instead, the Londra, în Trafalquar Square, lângă enorma National Gallery, See discharged National Portret Gallery, a national museum devoted exclusively to portrait. Not saying that there are private galleries in London, much lower than previously invoked state, selling exclusively portraits.

One of the stereotypes about the story portrait painter who made limited partner honest portrait that crappy personality surprised that the model was upset. It is much truth here but I found this truth in any use of this poevşti, only justification.

What it left the artist to make, in a society that does not appreciate the portrait? To make self-portraits. Which? Being self-portrait, author, painter or sculptor, is representing himself in these images and not wonder too hard for we see artists who are self-flatter the self-portraits. Therefore, a true mirror we all need, and models and artists, but do not have to be a portrait mirror, substitute photo. Because there are few or those who, the inability to follow his own idealization of similarity, keep close to photo, so much that you find underneath the painting, literally or figuratively.

Similarity model is, no doubt, important portrait and is essential when it comes to a command, which leaves little room for maneuver artist. But leave us indifferent likeness when the artist makes a human face that speaks more than does an ID card. It, of course, a portrait of a random identity, generally less defined or highly expressed, on a class. The titles of paintings, as "Portrait of a boy ', , "Mihaela" or "kolkhoz forefront".

Portrait painting from private collections Romanian‘, Cotroceni National Museum

Marius Tita (n,en. 1965), the author, publicist specializing in art and art market, curator and presenter for numerous art exhibitions.


Mircea Ciacaru. Expertul Mircea Rasvan Ciacaru. Autoportret

Self Shot and the Wizard, Mircea Răsvan Ciacâru


Spiru Vergulescu.Trandafirul 3

Sprouts Vergulescu, Rose


Un portret legendar - colectionarul Ionel Constantinescu de Alexandru Ciucurencu GhNG Vanatoru.Portretul colectionarului Vasile Parizescu

Ionel Colecţionarul Constantinescu, Alexander Ciucurencu

Basil collector Parizescu, GH NG hunter


Liviu Mihai.Black Beauty Nicolae Hilohi.Domnisoara Emilia

Liviu Mihai, Black Beauty

Nicolae Hilohi, Domnişoara Emilia


Mariuca Otetelesanu.Portret Mihnea Tita marius tita, de Laurentiu Midvichi


Măriuca Otetelesanu, Mihnea

Laurențiu Midvichi, Tița


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