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Rodica Toth Poiată, Parcurs gestual

Rodica Toth Poiată


Gallery Artelor

National Military


Vernisajul a avut loc luni, 26 February.

Au luat cuvântul Valentin Tănase și Marius Tița.

Marius Tita

Artist deep and vigorous expression, Rodica Toth Poiată rarely shows us the cymas, but every time moment becomes an event. Once you've seen work, you will recognize, frame but also in spirit. All, the color and construction, shows an artist of great originality, a gilded opera talent and striving for a life in front of the easel. His painting is a matter of state made good, atmosphere with all of them, experiences and perceptions. His speech has plastic flow of a dance, as a visual expression of the manifestation of the human body under the impulse of musical harmony irrevocably.

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