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“Sakura” – Lidia painting Alina Nicolae, la Galeria Elite Prof Art


Lidia Alina Nicolae, visual artist, invites you to the exhibition "Sakura" which will take place on Friday 6 more 2016 of prayer 19:00 Prof Art Gallery Elite Street Ion Nanu Muscel No. 13, Cotroceni, București. The exhibition can be visited between 6-15 more.

Placed in line between graphic and pictorial, works from the exhibition "Sakura" projecting water colors carefully chosen, issues of great sensitivity in oriental culture. Whether we are talking about the cherry blossoms, leitmotif of the exhibition, about goddesses, warriors or geishas, any aspect comes across the threshold between transience, archaic and natural beauty of some state idilico fiction.

Lidia tried to transpose into its work force but equally on the back of special symbols. Without being in dissonance, so fine shades or black and sober lines combines sensitivity and power, Relief mostly dual characters of Asian culture.

The title "Sakura" greatness came from a character found at the intersection of fire, birth and the beauty of the cherry blossoms, ie from Konohanasakuya-hime or cherry blossom princess who is in delicate Japanese mythology symbol of terrestrial life. Japanese often considered life avatar, in particular because its symbol is even Sakura, cherry blossom, Sakuya-Hime is also considered the goddess of Mount Fuji and volcanoes.

Stories and discussion about the manner in which Lidia Alina Nicolae used Chinese ink sticks and rice paper or about how you can influence as an artist to see the works of the masters Asians at home, all will be Friday night, 6 more 2016, starting at 19.00.

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